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I don’t have much in the wiki section yet, but let me know if there’s something you’d like to see in here. For now, I will list all the pages that get added right here, until we get enough that its worth organizing otherwise.

Cocoon City House Rules- Check this page out for those playing the Mike’s “Cocoon City” game.

Chuckwagon Houes Rules- House rules for the LA/LV/SF/SD.


ChicagoInteractive Map
Los AngelesInteractive Map

For the “Cocoon City” game, Factions in Chicago will be attentive to how a team of Runners has been interacting with them. There are general faction rewards and specific faction rewards for your status with the organization. Each job done for or against a Faction as a whole will grant one point to raise or lower the team’s status.

General Faction Rewards

The Vault






Plot Arcs

Splintered State
Cold Blood

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