The Vault Faction Rewards

The Vault is not an organization, but a Reputation with this Faction represents the groups reception in the shadows of Chicago.

Faction Influence: Shadowruns, Jobs, Smuggling, Street Cred

Faction Equipment: Forbidden Gear, Anything from the Krime brand, Non-Corporate Made Gear (See GM)

9, The team gains the Legendary Rep quality with the members of the Vault and the Solid Rep quality for all Shadowrunners (and former Shadowrunner Johnsons) in North America. The reference to an increase in reputation refers to effective Street Cred. This quality will reduce the likelihood of losing Loyalty with an affected contact (1 or +2 to the effective Loyalty on a Loyalty Test) and it will be easier to avoid Notoriety.

+4, Skilled services (training, medical care, information, armorer, mechanic, and item finding) costs are reduced by 5% per reputation point.

+1, Doing good for one part of the Underground helps make inroads on other members of the Vault. All Vault Contacts increase their Loyalty to the Runners by 1 to the maximum of the listed in the character page. Can only be earned once.

-1, The people of the streets develop a distaste for members of the runner team, leading to mild harassment and disturbances from the neighbors. Reduce the Comforts & Necessities of Low or lower Lifestyles in Chicago by 1.

-4, The shadows sometimes intersect with the gangs. Members of the Vault that know where the runners are heading tip off local gangs to harass them. Even Vault Johnsons will do this to punish the team, though they will deny any involvement.

-9, Every contact in the Vault is now burned and none will treat with any member of the party. It will take some amazing efforts to dig yourself out of this hole.

The Vault Faction Rewards

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