District Size:Approximately 1,080 square kilometersBelow Poverty Level:15%
Population:1,274,400On Fortune’s Active Traders List:0%
Human: 38%Corporate Affiliation:1%
Elf: 11%Wards:37
Dwarf: 17%Education:
Ork: 16%Under 12 years: 12%
Troll: 17%High School: 44%
Other: 1%College Degree: 12%
Population Density:1,180 per square kilometerGraduate Degree: 12%
Per Capita Income:LowHospitals and Clinics:23
LTG Access Numbers:7312, 1708, 2708

Geography and Demographics

The Northside is a vast stretch of urban blight that crawls north along the lake from the Noose up to where Route 60 crosses Interstate 94, and from the lake over to just past Interstate 290. The average worker’s family is crowded into a small apartment in a towering building with broken elevators, flickering electrical systems, and faulty water delivery. Both parents have to work to feed their children. The kids are herded into schools that teach them nothing more than to sit still for 20 minutes at a time. At least 80 percent of the Northside’s population, both adults and children, indulge in alcohol or dreamchips.

Bug City p.44


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