Fragmented Files from Dietrich's Commlink

Acquired [[11/03/14]]


doa3E9`=Y?ious terrorist groups such as Alamos 20,000 and the Humanis Policlub. I also have evidence that specifically links Bill to the murder of FBI Agent Jennifer Kowalski, with whom this investigation originally began. I took over from Agent Kowalski on March 25, 2074, when she requested my assistance. My previous case, investigating Congressman James Grey, was terminated when the Congressman died in an unexplained plane accident in the Carib League. I had not been assigned anything new, so I decided to help Agent Kowalski. When I was unable to find her at her apartment or through her commlink RFID system, I alerted my section chief at the Bureau. Two days later, Agent Kowalski’s body was found hung from a flagpole on Renraku Corporation propertynear Downtown Seattle. An official invesPk0M{gE6IR


TNtaxvaXQmation was an exercise in frustration. Despite my best efforts, both in the Matrix and on thestreets, I could not find evidence of any solid connection between Brackhaven and Bill, other than they both “work” for the city/state. I was about ready to give in and go to my supervisor when my suspicions were confirmed about a cover up in Agent Kowalski’s death. Her autopsy reports were altered to make her death look like a suicide, but the originals indicated carefully hidden trauma to th_ throat, consistent with a mono-garrote, see file #4459-Be2ggzxcady


?psTAEjDR>haven’s press secretary, through a mannamed George Mathers. Mathers had secretly contracted the copycat killer that murdered MacCallister’s daughter, and now he was going after him. But someone was out to take care of MacCallister before that could happen. Another bomb ripped through the Underground and almost killed MacCallister. When I heard about this, something clicked in my mind, and I went back to my notes and realized what Stonewall was—it was a reference to a plan to remove MacCallister from play. Again, I was figuring it out, but too late to do any good. Thankfully, MacCallister survived. I tried to go back to the Underground, to spill my guts and tell them everything hoping it would prevent more tragedies. Too bad I never made it there. MacC—list_r wasn’t the only one who hadgotten someone’s attention. On myway to the Unde@kxZSAh\Z(


VF,WI{ZoN`ity that it was one of Bill’s safe house/staging areas. There was no guarantee that Bill would be there, but I had nothing else at this point. So my team and I (yeah I was a real shadowrunner now) did what all runners do, we scouted the place, did our legwork, and then blew open the front door. After a quick little firefight with a few gangers hired to watch the place, we hit paydata. Located in a vault in the back of the safe house were several data chips with not only detailed plans about the fire bombings and the attempt on MacCallister, but about an upcoming operation labeled Daybreak, see#4471-Charlie. What I read among the files made me sick. This was an order for wholesale murder andwanton destructg>9hj’jL!v

Fragmented Files from Dietrich's Commlink

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