Most shadowrunners know Ares from their Ares Arms division, and with good reason. The Ares Predator is the staple sidearm for the discerning runner. Run by wealthy playboy Damien Knight, the corp has a reputation as a very “American” outfit: gung-ho, militaristic, patriotic, and individualistic— Mom and apple pie, in other words. Don’t let that fool you—sure, they’re one of the better megas to work shadow ops for, but keep your eyes open, because they can be as underhanded as the rest. Ares specializes in law enforcement, military
hardware and arms, aerospace (they have five orbital habitats), entertainment, automotive (the former General
Motors is also part of the Ares family), and smaller divisions in many other areas.
In Chicago, Ares is most well known for being the source of military action in Feral days of Bug City. Knight Errant screwed the pooch with the chaos caused by the inhabitation spirit crisis up to and including firing on a crowd with the fear of bugs in fleshform ran high. On the flipside, Ares Firewatch is known for their bug hunting skills, giving the Ares brand a mixed bag in the eyes of Bug City survivors.

Faction Influence: Millitary Operations and Security Services

Faction Equipment: Ares Branded Equipment, Ammunition, Unbranded Arms and Armor (Other than High Fashion)

+9, The team becomes ‘one of the guys’ in the Ares military. Ares will provide a Rating 6 SIN of a ‘Military Application Consultant’ with special military security clearance allowing the Runner to waltz into military bases and extra territorial zones without a second look, even if pursued. (Note that Ares themselves are aware of where that SIN came from and will burn it if national or inter-corporate pressure is put on them.)

+4, The Runners are considered ‘pre-screened’ for Ares operated checkpoints and patrols. Also included is free access to a Shooting Range Lifestyle option (10% reduced training time for Firearms skills).

+1, Ammunition and Ares branded equipment base delivery times are reduced by one category, as low as a base time of three hours.

-1, Ares employees who know the Runner’s reputation are considered prejudiced against them (-2 to Social Rolls).

-4, Ares security services have formed dossiers on the Runners that gets shared with a variety of Chicago authorities. Non-magical and Non-Matrix investigations into crime scenes that the Runners are involved with get a +2 bonus, +4 if the Ares is the investigator.

-9, Ares Fireteam has been informed of the Runner’s status as “high risk for Inhabitation”. They will be duty bound to eliminate you on site for the sake of public safety.


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