Seth Dietrich

Mysterious secret agent


The runners have uncovered that the owner of the commlink is one Seth Dietrich, but not much is known about the man behind the mystery.

A call from someone claiming to be this man:

“This is Special Agent Seth Dietrich,” a man’s voice says. He sounds tired and tense. “I believe you have something of mine. Actually, I’m absolutely sure of it. I want it back.” Dietrich’s words are rapid, as though he’s eager to have his business done and be off the line as soon as possible. “Believe me, I know that in this city, possession is eleven tenths of the law. I’ll pay. A hundred thousand nuyen, no questions asked. Meet me tomorrow afternoon, 1500 hours, at the zoo in Fort Lewis. The basilisk exhibit. Bring the commlink, I’ll have the cash on me.”

The final logs of Seth Dietrich’s last investigation.


Seth Dietrich

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