Quick behind the wheel, not so quick with words.


Hyundai Shin-Hyung(Customized) Also known as Biki. Biki.jpg

Yamaha Kabuyara(Customized) Also known as Zoku. Zoku.jpg

Renault-Fiat Funone, Also known as Suichuu. Suichuu.jpg


-Y’know, I don’t remember much before the Crash, Crash 2.0 to be specific. What I do remember, is that I was six. I had a sort of connection to the system they had then… Their, y’know, Matrix. After that… I was asleep for what seemed like forever… Then I just woke up. I had grown.. And aged.. And something was.. Not right. I learned much in the few months after my, erm, rebirth I guess you could call it. I learned that I had a connection with this system as well, though this one was odd, hell, maybe it’s just me. It didn’t take me long to figure out the world around me, and how I could survive. I started in on street racing. Sure, at first I was only a spectator, but I enjoyed every second of it. I was brought in to help one of the driver’s, a backup that could spot hacking. Sure, I couldn’t do much, but I still had my ways. I helped him for a few months, earning some cash in the process. From there, well, I started stealing things that I could hopefully sell, as well as starting to race. I won a few good races, and that paid for what I have today. Huh? Why am I shadowrunning? Heh, I thought that was obvious! Money. Money drives me forward, to my next vehicle, and to be a better racer. Running the shadows helps with that, too.

Kashi, signing off.


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