Orbital Burn

small-statured radiation mage - with a knife!

Earned Karma 129

Burn is short. Really, really short. Of course, he’s a gnome, so that’s pretty normal. Still, its what everyone notices first, followed by his amazing physique. His muscles make it obvious he lifts regularly, which stands out even more because of his size. A lot of people don’t get past that.

Of course, there is more to him. He never seems to use a name other than Orbital Burn (or just Burn), but he seems as comfortable with it as most folks are with their birth names, so its usually a point people move past quickly. Ethnically, its not really clear where he comes from, although his skin is on the darker side, so he is probably not from a northerly people. To the few people familiar with the lingo, his use of industry-specific terms places him as a spacer of some sort, but otherwise his accent is fairly nondescript.

Academic and Professional Knowledge SkillsStreets and Interest Knowledge SkillsLanguage Skills
Orbital Structures (Space Elevator): 4 (6)Personal Fitness (Weightlifting): 2 (4)German (Orbital): Native (+2)
Engineering (Nuclear): 3 (5)Corporate Culture (S-K): 2 (4)English: 4
Corporate Procedures (S-K): 1 (3)Scrounging: 2Spanish: 1
Business: 1Magical Traditions: 1
Underwater LA: 1
Blood Magic: 1
Gambling: 1

Orbital Burn

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