The Wrong Side of Heaven

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Setting up heal shop with Electra

(( OOC Not sure how you want me to post this guys but here you go ))

Following Electra’s initial meeting with what she can presume to be the face and leaders of the Shadowrun group Bobby set her up with, she will begin to set up what she can to be on retainer for healing the injured/bloody/near dying yadda yadda. Her overall goal will be to save up to buy an actual place possibly in Renton near Bobby’s racers and those who street race. Puyallup may not be the greatest location that’s just first impressions as Electra needs to learn the area.

“Ground my Electrodes and total Blackout frustration, this Acid Rain is horrible for nature and sensitive electronics! It’s stinky too. First free time I’ll be at Zappers, dancing there is great! Cover your new nick is Gillz, I must wonder if you can swim or sink.” She’ll say in English.

Being bored she’ll listen to some music on her headset when she has nothing to do, and occasionally will mutter in a mixture of Sperethiel and Japanese: “Jack Jack who are you? Jack Jack why so blue? Jack Jack needs a nick. Jack Jack what to pick?” this will be under her breath absent-mindedly.

“Could call Electrode
But that’s overused at Zaps
This is frustrating.” In Japanese Haiku.


Zephyr00 Kiirnodel

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