The Wrong Side of Heaven

A day at the zoo

pay from Armitage

After meeting and organizing the last two members of the team, the group went to survey the Fort Lewis Zoo. The getaway group found some side gates while the insertion group looked over the paths through the complex and situated themselves inside. Things were going well until the hand off.

First, their contact claimed to be “Armitage”, not Seth Dietrich (his ID later named him as Alan Foster). Before any time to figure out the situation, a shot rang out, putting a fatal wound through their contact’s neck. It also released the nearby basilisks from their enclosure and signaled two more shooters to hose down the area with explosive rounds.

Cover and Rain managed to exfiltrate the fire zone, along with the now deceased body of their contact person. They met with the escape van at the eastern end of the park, and proceeded to make good on an escape. Truck was not so lucky, having been petrified by a basilisk earlier in the confusion, and was treated by the military police on site. He was released, as there was no proof of his involvement, but it was a close call.

The team still has the commlink they were trying to unload, but on the upside, they did acquire the pay they were promised for it. Unfortunately, they still need to figure out what to do with the hot merchandise.

3 karma awarded


Zephyr00 Zephyr00

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