The Wrong Side of Heaven

2075-06-06 Smuggler's Blues

I thought Cabin in the Woods was a slasher, not a shooter...

So, we got about 12 days to rest before we finally got a call to do some work. I keep on working to get in better shape, but it just isn’t taking hold yet. I will keep working at it, but first, we have some work to do. Of course rent is due and AJ has been out of town, so I ended up coughing up all the cred for it. This pretty much wiped out the last job’s worth of pay.

We ended up getting a call from Dr. Craig. We had helped her out earlier when she was kidnapped by Captain Jack. See the fact that rent is due, so let’s go save the good doctor. We meet up virtually at Underground 93. Dr. Craig tells she has been shacking up at a bolt hole she has by Mount Rainier. We do a little bit of digging and spent some more money to get ourselves across the border and head out to the cabin in the woods where she said she is hiding.

We pile into the various vehicles and I ride on the back of CJ’s bike. We head out and really have no trouble at the border, thanks to the permits that MacCallister grabs for us. It cost a pretty penny, but he had them ready in a few hours.

We arrive at the cabin and suddenly CJ is hollering that he sees contacts. About that time, I find myself laying on my back with a bullet in me when the last thing I knew, I was sitting on the back of a motorcycle. What the drek?! I am starting to think that my life on the front lines of combat are going to end in ways I don’t want…

CJ and I had to take off, I hope the rest of them make it through ok.

Mycroft out.


Zephyr00 ajdykstr

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