The Wrong Side of Heaven

The Well of Ahura Mazda
An Astral Quest

Zoroastrian Morals, Source of Wisdom
Water is the source of Wisdom, Fire is the medium to gain Wisdom.
Water can be equated to oils and other fluids (eww)
Not about rules to live by, but inborn sense of wrongness.
Characters are comprised of clay, slogging through increasingly deep muck.

Dweller on the Threshold:
In a dark void, an expanse of nothingness where the lack of sensation starts with nearly painful relief from the lack of the mortal coil’s accumulated pains and anxieties. The void is filled in with self awareness, where the only perceptible sensation is the movement of thoughts through your mind, which start to take on a tactile feeling dependent on the nature of the thought.

Once your senses adjust to this new orientation, a red thread appears in your ‘vision’. The length travels across your perspective and you ‘feel’ the tension of the thread and see the stray fibers fade into the nothingness.

The vibration of the thread resonates with you, throwing your thoughts into your past. These experiences form an emotionally overwhelming force that threatens to rip you away from the link to your companions.

Each character experiences their own encounter individually and immediately, but will freshly recall what everyone else had experienced while they were dealing with their own issues.

A swirl of first hand experiences with shadow runners committing violence and thievery. Intermingling with those you know have reputations for terrible events to find jobs to earn money. Plenty of scenes of violence and frantic efforts to succeed. Some of the memories and feelings come from a third perspective with a sensation of great power and wisdom. Combined with this is the sensation a wire extending from each fingertip reaching out to grab each thug, criminal, and beast. Going taut, the violent elements to jerk to a halt awaiting your every whim, but doing nothing for their values.

The rush and withdraw sensations of a powerful narcotics envelope you as you recall the many people and places that you traveled with the distributors of a destructive drug. Chicago, Tokyo, Vladivostok, Caracas. Each city with it’s broken people fades and the amount of money in your cred sticks and bank accounts climbs. Intermixed are the scenes of death and destruction of those that you interact with. No comrades and no satisfied employers remain, just you with your money.

Excitement, anticipation, anxiety, and pride flow as memories of grueling training, education, and performance ebb and flow through your thoughts. With each memory, sediment is left behind like silt in a river. The common element in these moments are the people, performers, employees, competition. All victims to pranks, practical jokes, or just plain sabotage committed by you or on your behalf or that of your family. Sometimes for the sake of your family, sometimes business as usual, but frequently for revenge or entertainment, the memories of those that Fox encouraged you to exploit remain.

The first memory that comes to mind is of your moment of glory, taking that chance in the corporate meeting room to take a stand and push for an advantageous deal. Following that is the fear of reprisal for overstepping, only to have your trusted mentor take you in and show you the big leagues. The comfort, confidence, and self satisfaction of the successful white collar life fills you. The feelings sour as the understanding that these are only memories solidifies. You recall your lengthy attempts to draw the ancient spirit of protection to feel that again. It provides security to your, but you feel the entity’s presence and it’s dissatisfaction with your promise to protect others.

You are peppered with numerous memories of your early life. Each moment is minor and hardly of note, but each is of the twinge of dissonance you felt with each example teaching you to reject meta-humans and supress women. You remember the many instances where you were highly regarded in your culture for purity, piety, incredible magical power, and devotion to cleansing the taint of the land. Numerous rituals in which you sanctified a ceremony or corporate event play out simultaneously, each synced together due to the perfection you attained in your practice. However, those first recollections remain and cloud the air when you light the incense or stain the ground that you bless with the ink of that dissonance.

Each of you feel the question remain in your mind when the wave of memories hit you, “Is this who I am?”

Players will need to make a check to represent the character forcing the energy back at the thread 6, ignoring the confrontation 4, or resolving the character’s growth 2. Explain the emotions that the character experiences when confronted and how the character responds.

[Failure forces the character to reel backward, the sense of physical space coming back, but being shoved from behind back into the void to the discomfort of everyone. -1 edge]

The red thread solidifies and magnifies until you see that it is a column of flame, your ethereal body races toward the source until flames consume your senses. All sensation is then cutoff.

Place of Knowledge (Puzzle or Knowledge based Task, Biology)
Waking up in the rocky bed of a stream, you emerge from the ground. You and your companions seem to be comprised of clay and mud, recognizable, but ill defined. A mound of similar clay is washing away nearby.
It speaks, “I was born from the gravel and spent my early life fighting against the flow of the river. At the time, rushing to adulthood meant death. Once I grew into it, I was free to go out into the open world and all of the danger that comes with it. Once the peak of my life passed, I inexorably fought against the stream once more. Fighting as long as I can, I eventually pass away having paved the way for my children. Please tell me, what am I?” He seems to be too exhausted to respond further, awaiting the answer.
[After an answer]
With relief [disappointment?], he settles into the gravel, body dissolving into the stream.

Place of Destiny (Overcome Self or Prevent a Historical Event)
Trudging through ankle deep silt and muck in the bottom of a river, the players come across some dock pilings and concrete walls. They emerge from the harbor to the sight of 1999 New York where a refrigerated truck is treatened by a starving mob. Scared men and women in the truck clutch handguns. Electronics are hardly present, the vehicles are loud, and noone has any body armor on.

Place of Fear (Source of Fear)
Returning to the water, the characters are burdened by knee deep sludge and scum as they enter a deep ocean teeming with flora and fauna, from the tiny limnals whose pink bodies swarm around geysers to the immense balneals, massive enough to support cities of ice on their backs. Rising from the ocean are permanent geysers that support masses of ice. The balanced ice fields contain cities carved and grown from the chilly substance. Above the masses of ice are steaming vents to the clouds above. The clouds themselves form even more cities of condensed vapor that float along with the winds, tethered by the vents. The cloud cities shed particles of snow that help repeat the cyclic nature of the world. The sky is cast with brilliant rainbows as the omnipresent light is shattered and reflected. Your ability to rise off of the sea floor is impeded by the sucking muck steadily pulling you deeper with each step.
[Arcana or Intuition+Logic test to realize that the muck is the appropriate path]
[Composure to relax and accept the path]

Braving the cloying depths, you trade the sandy depths of the ocean depths for a black desert with slowly moving dunes under a night sky. It is deathly quiet and mostly devoid of distinct features. The journey being slow and event-less, distractions are a welcome treat. Looking at your companions, you have become accustomed to their clay forms, seeing veins of darkness and light, color and imperfection slowly changing over the days.

Your way is barred by a vast chasm. Sand from the astral sea blow out over it, creating a haze that makes seeing the bottom impossible. Assuming there is a bottom. The droning hiss of sand blowing around is the only sound you hear, the noise of your companions sucked away. Looking across to the other side, you cannot guess as to the distance, but there is a fog or atmospheric blur that obscures any details. This trench does not appear to be unnaturally straight, but varies like the ripped edge of a paper, though it does not waver much. After what seems like an hour, an outcropping of stone, roughly fifteen meters high, rises up out of the sand. This mound of stone is irregular, maybe thirty meters across. From it there seems to be some structure jutting over the chasm, maybe another thirty meters. The center area is flat, maybe twenty meters wide and continues this way as if a stone bridge should travel over the rift. Walking out to the edge and you find it very jagged and broken. Looking out, there seems to be a similar outcropping.

You step on what appears to be bone, buried in the sand. It could be human, or at least humanoid.

[Something to resolve the quest.]

Across the gap, you see something moving, like the shadow of a pacing animal, but nothing definitive. It could also be more distortions caused by the shifting sand. Overcoming the absorption of sound is a slight creaking of the stone underneath and the blown sand sometimes seems to bounce off of an unseen presence in the void between bridge supports.

2075-06-06 Smuggler's Blues
I thought Cabin in the Woods was a slasher, not a shooter...

So, we got about 12 days to rest before we finally got a call to do some work. I keep on working to get in better shape, but it just isn’t taking hold yet. I will keep working at it, but first, we have some work to do. Of course rent is due and AJ has been out of town, so I ended up coughing up all the cred for it. This pretty much wiped out the last job’s worth of pay.

We ended up getting a call from Dr. Craig. We had helped her out earlier when she was kidnapped by Captain Jack. See the fact that rent is due, so let’s go save the good doctor. We meet up virtually at Underground 93. Dr. Craig tells she has been shacking up at a bolt hole she has by Mount Rainier. We do a little bit of digging and spent some more money to get ourselves across the border and head out to the cabin in the woods where she said she is hiding.

We pile into the various vehicles and I ride on the back of CJ’s bike. We head out and really have no trouble at the border, thanks to the permits that MacCallister grabs for us. It cost a pretty penny, but he had them ready in a few hours.

We arrive at the cabin and suddenly CJ is hollering that he sees contacts. About that time, I find myself laying on my back with a bullet in me when the last thing I knew, I was sitting on the back of a motorcycle. What the drek?! I am starting to think that my life on the front lines of combat are going to end in ways I don’t want…

CJ and I had to take off, I hope the rest of them make it through ok.

Mycroft out.

2075-05-24 Ancient Pawns
So are we in a Go-Gang now?

Well our slump of downtime is over. It only took almost a couple of weeks. I mean, I put that time to good use by hiring a teacher to break past my inability to negotiate with anyone as well picking up some better armor through Part-Time. Speaking of which, he calls us and tells use we need to make it down the Puyallup barrens in a couple of hours for a job and there is a credstick waiting for us when we arrive.

So Doc picks us up and we head down to the Daisy Chain for a meet-up with an up and comer in the Ancients that goes by the name Belial. We are also to meet up with CJ who is going to help us out with the mission since Tantor was unavailable. Evidently the Daisy Chain is a nightclub for Celt Goth gangers and caters to elves and elf wannabes. At least, I get some eye candy while we wait for the meetup and 1000 nuyen just to head down.

Turns out there is a bit of schism in the Ancients. The old guard is led by Sting while Belial wants to be the new leader. He has challenge Sting and they are going to do a competition between Sting’s proxy and Belial’s. So as his proxy, we need to do a scavenger hunt, where you hunt for death and destruction. He lays out that we have 1 hour to hit 5 specific targets and cause mayhem. The more mayhem we cause, the more points Belial will have.

First stop is a piece of drek by the name Jimmy the Chin. He has been snatching girls off the street and putting them to work turning tricks. We make that a priority so that we can at least get the girls away from him. CJ gets there first and is able to setup. We roll in and blitz them hardcore. The Chin and some other thug are standing watch over a dozen girls all messed up on Bliss. We hit the boys hard and lay them out. Man, I wish I could have ended that guy, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. We got the girls out and sent them on their way back to the Daisy Chain.

Second stop was to burn the Humanis Policlub to the ground. CJ and I get in and sneak into their supply closet which luckily enough had their generator and a barrel of diesel. Our lucky day. I kick over the barrel and CJ lights it up and we video record that place going up like a torch. I think I should feel bad about the folks that died in that fire, but somehow I am having trouble feeling for them with some of the drek they have pulled.

I check our time and we have 17 minutes before we have to meet up with the truck we have to hijack, so we head to the Ork underground so that we can buy badges off the Scratcha there. I know we were supposed to harass them into leaving the territory, but I knew we were cutting it close on time.

We get out of their with the badges and arrive exactly on time to find that Sting’s squad is there at the same time trying to maneuver into position on the truck. They lined up behind as we tried to just steal the whole truck. Sprite and Hex Girl send some spirits to put scare them, but it is only partially successful. CJ goes brave and shoots the window up while Sprite tries to stop the truck. Unfortunately he isn’t strong enough to do more than have the brake lights flash which does keep some more of the guys off the truck. CJ then jumps in and is able to just drive the truck home!

We ended up winning the competition so it seems that there is a change in leadership for the Ancients. I kinda wonder what mess we just stirred up…

Mycroft out.

2075-05-12 Hard Targets
Well that went sideways...

Not much to report here other than I am spending some quality time with my medkit convalescing. It seemed like we had a solid plan, but then the dogs screwed it up. We headed towards the cabin for the Initiates of the New Dawn. We stayed a ways out while a couple of us went in on foot to find out what type of resistance we could expect. While creeping in we started encountering some hive-mind dogs. At that point, it all sort of becomes a blur of combat that felt like it was going right until I got shot to hell and at that point, I don’t remember a damn thing.

Doc tells me that I was pretty close to biting it, but they were able to stabilize me. They cleaned up the scene and were able to get me conscious again. I was able to inspect the codex and artifact and get some pretty good pictures of it. Also lucky me, the headset used by the main mage was still partially operational. I was able to pull a translation off the device while the crew was dumping the mage in Doc’s trunk. I contacted Moreau with the paydata he wanted and he threw in a nice bonus for including the translation.

I put in the call to Laurent and setup the drop off of the artifact and the codex which goes smoothly. And we put in the call to Simon Andrews to hand over the lead mage. He says that he can’t right then but that we could at 2300 in Volunteer Park. So we kill a little time and let the mage stew in the trunk. We make the handover, which goes well but when we are heading back to the car, Tantor gets shot and it drops him. Some Chinese Elf comes rolling out of the darkness and tells us that his master is displeased with us.

I did a bit of research while hooked to the machine and found that his name is Lin Yao Chang and that he works for the dragon, Lung. Drek.

Mycroft out.

2075-05-11 Hard Target
You did what with whom?

Man, I don’t know where to begin. God, I hope my mom doesn’t read this. Drek, this is just plain messed up.

So everything started normal. Doc gets a call, we get some real food at the Space Needle, we get offered some nuyen to go snag an artifact called the horn along with a codex on how to use it. The big catch is that the person who likely can get us the paydata we need is a friend of the Johnson and is not returning his phone calls. We accept the job. I mean 8000 nuyen per person is nothing to sneeze at. I tried for more, but it seems that Mr. Nazaire is immune to my charms.

On the way down, Moreau catches us in the elevator and offers to sweeten the pot if we can get him some scans of the artifact and the codex. Not being one to miss out on working my way to a new deck.

So first off, we have to hunt down a miss Elizabeth who frequents Capitol Hill. Seems she used to be in with the Illuminates of the New Dawn but there was some sort of falling out and somewhere in there, she was transformed, but Laurent is being coy. My matrix searching turns up decent data on the Illuminates and that we are looking for Outside Order 13, but I turn up nothing on Elizabeth. My crew’s contacts also turn up a blank so it was time to hit the streets.

Doc and Hex find out from a bookseller that there have been some odd drek down by the hospital but that is about it. Given that was our only lead we head over to start interrogating folks on what they have seen. I don’t seem to score any info but Doc and Sprite are able to turn up that folks that want to die have been finding a peaceful way to pass on from the Lady of Mercy. We get the brilliant idea to disguise Doc, while the rest of us go over overwatch.

Sure enough a few hours later, a shadowy woman approaches Doc and offers to help her end it all. Doc in her quick thinking blurts out Laurent’s name and says that we are working for him. She about leaves in a fit, but agrees to hear out the story, but not with the full crew. I hang back in Doc’s amazing Americar playing solitaire while Doc, Hex, and Sprite head to church with Elizabeth. There is some negotiation that happens, but there is some sort of impasse over trust. I honestly don’t know where trust comes down to Elizabeth needing to reconnect with positive human feelings, but I get roped in because of the fact that she is a freaking Nosferatu.

Oh god do I regret this. I mean, I think it was the right thing to do. She wouldn’t tell us what we wanted without paying with some skin. The mages all chickened out and knowing that we needed her to spill it on where to go, I offered to show her some compassion. Oh god it felt good, but now I am feeling a little more empty inside. So I spent time with her. Drek. I hope that it was worth it.

Either way, we get two more offers for work pretty soon after. One drekhead wanted us to destroy the artifact and codex but that would have put us at odds with our original Johnson, so no dice. The second call was by some lizardman who wants us to kidnap one of the mages in the Illuminates of the New Dawn. The pay was good so we are adding that one on to our to do list.

Time to go grab a mage, an artifact, and a book.

Mycroft out.

2075-05-04 Hiding in the Dark
Pawn Games

Friday May 4, 2075

‘Imaginary’ Annie Goldsmith gives AJ a call and let’s us know that she has someone who is looking for some runners to do some work. All we have to do is head down to Reno’s in an hour to meet with the Johnson. She says we will know who it is. When we get there is it is tall, dark and brooding himself. He connects with DA Oaks to talk biz. She is looking for some assets that can dig into an all around bad guy. There has been some drug running, prostitution, guns, killings, etc and they want him brought to justice. Preferably alive. DA Oaks is doing me right, so I am down for helping out. Doesn’t hurt that she is willing to pay 35,000Y for the job.

After the meet, Tosh hands a list of locations that have been known to do business with this Junior guy. Otherwise there isn’t much because Tosh doesn’t have anything else. They said they have been setting up watches at his usual haunts but they don’t even know what he looks like. Their best guess is that he is an ork, but who knows.

Leaving Reno’s we get slammed into by some drunk guy. Turns out the guy isn’t drunk and is famous as he is on the top trideo news show out of Seattle named Joe Martin. He tells us that he wants to know more about whatever we are doing with KE. Willing to pay. Willing to give anonymity. AJ lets him know that we will reach out if we have something we are willing to share. At the same time, we get pinged by an Athena Tatopoulos who says that we shouldn’t make a deal with Joe Martin, but to give the data to her. She will pay use 1000Y for any good data.

We do some research on the locations as well as on Junior, Joe, and Athena. We don’t turn up much on any of the things we are looking for. The locations are business and residential locations. Joe and Athena are just normal media hounds. Junior is just a ghost, but we do know that he has been running Mafia business is Seattle and operates primarily out of downtown.

The first location on the list is down in a nasty part of downtown. The sign on the place says Mike’s Deli and there is a little old lady getting salami from a greasy looking elf. We walk in and the elf nods for us to go downstairs. That was weird. I didn’t realize how nasty I can feel walking into a place, but this is a place of pure exploitation. There are about 20 girls. As we walk through I recognize that there are using personality fixing programs to treat these girls and living sex dolls. This is some filthy bunraku parlor.

As we get to the end of the hall, a scream gets us moving quickly. I was able to open the door and there is some 12 year old girl with her back splayed getting a chip stuck into by some grubby doctor. I was able to lay down fire towards on of the bodyguards near the back of the room. Our mages are able to make short work of them while Doc makes sure that the sleazeball finishes up his operation. I patch up one of the guards and zip tie him.

AJ interrogates the doctor who turns out to be the pimp as well. He has been installing mind control cyberware on the girls to experiment. Evidently Junior invested in his business so that he could expand a little more quickly and then he pays one of Junior’s men every month. We zip tie him to the operating table and call Tosh. The pimp should be glad Doc and I didn’t splay him on one of the spare tables.

We head over to the second location on the list. Place looks like a battered apartment building and should be condemned. The matrix search showed that this has not had an owner since the crash of ’65. I do a quick check and there are several matrix devices. We head on in and we are greated by some crazy guy who says his name is Drekhead. He says that there was a bunch of junkies and some workers here until about a week ago when the gang pulled up stakes. He did sell us a badge for Detective Stephen Bingham who was killed on the front steps and was picked up by Space Ghouls. Crazy.

Next on the list of locaitons, we find a brownstone apartment building with most of the doors and windows boarded over. The front has a bunch of troll size choppers and there are two trolls sitting out front. We pussy foot around what we are going to do next. I try doing some hacking and our mages try to get a magical view, but we are running a bit cautious. I mean the gang is the Spikes and they are totally known to hate elves and we are mostly elves in this group. As we watch, we do notice that occasionally people will go in and come out and these people aren’t even trolls…

We get up a little courage and pay our way into the building to talk to a dwarf named Little Bill. With a little bit of bribing, we are able to find out that he has been dealing with Junior’s people by distributing drugs for him. Most of the time, Junior sends folks to him, but occasionally he would do the pickup himself. He has gone to the Gravity Bar and Murphy’s Law.

We head on over to Murphy’s Law since it is the closest of the two and find Detective Athack and a pile of Knight Errant. Seems the Yakuza decided to shoot up the place because of its Mafia affiliation. We check out the place with Tosh’s permission but turn up nothing. I review the surveillance footage and don’t see anything on that side either.

We find better information at the Gravity Bar. We sidle up to some thuggish folks and don’t find out much more than Junior loves the Ork Underground. Unfortunately they won’t give AJ, Doc and I any more information. Hex Girl buys a drink for the owner of a comm that I hacked. This Finagan guy had sent a message to the thugs to not bother us. AJ bribes the waitstaff and he finds out that Junior does frequent the place, but that he uses a tunnel in the basement to access the Ork Underground. Score!

Well, we are about to head into the underground. Mycroft out.

How did I not know?
Doc found her sister... sort of.

It’s been a couple of days, and I still can’t quite believe it.

Aya’s home.

She’s home.

I don’t know what to think. I don’t know what to do. I was so angry with her for years. I thought she’d abandoned us, just left Mom and me and ran off to the first corp that would have her. I saw her once, walking with a bunch of suits from Aztechnology and getting into a limo, and I was so pissed off I thought I would throw up right then and there. That’s when I decided I’d never rely on anyone again, because if my own sister could desert me, how could I trust anyone else?

I was so wrong. So fucking wrong.

She hardly knows I’m there now. She hardly knows anyone’s there except Static. He assures me (via text, of course) that things will get better. Eventually. He swears she knows it’s me and that she still loves me, but that she’s been so … changed … by her years of imprisonment and experimentation that she can’t really interact with meatspace any more, at least for a while. But I come by every day to say hi, even though it tears my heart out a little each time.

I told Mom. She was sober, at least, so she knows. I didn’t tell her everything—I didn’t tell her about the experimentation, or about the scheduled lobotomy (that will fuel my nightmares for years!). I just told her Aya had been kidnapped, and was free now, and was recovering. We cried together a bit. But then I left to get food, and when I came back, Mom was deep in a BTL stupor again. So I went home.

Patched up a couple of Jim’s friends and I’m finally in the black with the gang again. I think I’ll spend the rest of the day in the stillroom; I set a bunch of herbs to dry before we went to Las Vegas, and they’re ready to be made into medicines now. Mike’s been after me to bring some new product in; I guess he’s got some customers who are really into my stuff. Might as well make some legal cred for once.

Maybe Aya will respond to me tomorrow.

2075-04-26 Friends and Family
Shadow Lake Correctional Facility is a pretty popular place.

Friday April 26, 2075

Thankfully we had a bit of downtime. It has been awfully hectic lately and I wanted some time to dig a bit more into the data file I got on my quick view into the Renraku hosts. I was able to find out some things as they relate to Hitako Yatsumari. Seems like he is some director of matrix security for Renraku America, but most of my looking didn’t tell me much about what was going on in the video and if there was some more I could dig up. Between my research and spending my free time working on my reactions, gunnery, and palming, I had very little time for any of my normal gaming with friends.

Then out of the blue on April 26th, Julie Cruze called me. Evidently she had worked with my dad at some point and really got along with him. She also had heard that Hitako bragged of keeping more information on a host in his home about how he would take down rivals and matrix miscreants. He has a reputation for being brutal with both those offenders. His place is in the penthouse of Hotel Niko in the i-district.

I called in my team to see if they were will to help out on this run. The only one who was a bit of a drekhead was Clutch, but overall everyone signed up. I owe these guys! We did some more digging and also started to case the joint.

Monday April 29, 2075

Two days of searching and we have the gig all planned out. Not the best of plans but what can you do when most of the work would be heading in. Any sort of cred is coming out of my pocket, and with the hotel running at 10,000Y a night, it was looking like we had one way in and one way out. Let’s get to this.

So the hotel has 3 entrances. The hotel security are the pawns and with their location, we are looking at about a 3-5 minute response time. Hitako is on the top floor and is a workaholic. He has no hobbies and only leaves the place for work, this means we need to hit this place during the day. Security is setup through some hotel supplied security along with KE and he doesn’t have any additional security. We figure we will go in, get a spot of breakfast and head up, hacking the cameras and door at the same time. After that, we get in and find the host and data and get out cleaning up any sort of camera evidence we may accumulate.

Getting in didn’t even get easy. Sprite and AJ got stopped at the door, but AJ was able to talk his way out of it. Sprite took a bit of payment to ease the transition, just to get some breakfast. Breakfast was good and once that was done, we headed up. I was able to quickly get in and make it so that we had the rights to be on the floor and get by the camera image recognition. I also popped the lock on his door. We were able to find the room and host right away, along with the fact that he had internal security for the room. I hacked the camera to get in the host and got basic rights. Someone really needs to have better matrix security. Maybe they should me his job.

We found the video and whole lot of other drek. So non-important stuff… we found a list of folks he has tortured and killed along with video, audio, and other nasty stuff. Is this a snuff film fan or something? The big money finds were the call where he orders a hit on my dad after he threatens Hitako that he will inform the president of Renraku America about him embezzling funds. Hitako has the killer plant evidence about an affair and then frames my mom. The second video is of the hit. God. Fragging awful. We seriously need to remove this stain from the world. They knock out my mom and plan the gun and evidence on her. Also during that video, the audio shows the killer taking a call from a guy named Stan in Las Vegas. That can’t be a coincidence. The final bit of evidence is concerning Hitako’s embezzling.

We find out that my mom is currently being held in the Shadow Lake Correctional Facility in the Redmond Barrens. No trial. No evidence. The facility is a Knight Errant facility so this isn’t even really a Renraku cover up.

Paydata in hand, I wipe the cameras in the room and we bolt. On the elevator trip down, I run into some issues trying to clear out the camera file of our being there. They detect my hack, but it wasn’t my fault. I was moving like lightning, but their firewall was stone cold to my mad skills. I set off all the alerts, and am forced to reboot and hit the place again as we are driving away. This time I have some more success.

A quick call to Julie Cruze and she is super interested in the embezzling evidence on Hitako. We do a little bartering and I come away with 60,000Y to share with my crew. She also mentions that she would love to hire my mom once we are able to get her out. It was about the time AJ and I are calling DA Oaks, that Doc gets a call from Ratchet wanting to hire us for a job. Since the meet is at 6pm at THE Sports Bar, AJ and I have time to head over to KE and meet with DA Oaks concerning evidence that should clear my mother. The meeting goes well and it looks like things will get resolved if the evidence clears. Here is to hope…

When we go to meet up with Ratchet, he is with the king of purple. He sends us all a message over the matrix telling us that he is Static and wants to hire us to go save his Technomancer girlfriend. Technomancers are so weird. How can we say no to saving someone especially if she was held by Aztechnology. I have heard awful things about them. I mean, I am sure they are all terrible, but at least Horizon makes it look like they are trying to help people.

His girlfriend’s name is Ion Angel and has been missing for the last 5 years. He was able to track her down with some help from his group, No Boundaries Now, and she has spent years being an experiment for Aztechnology. Evidently, they were done with her because now she was being held at Shadow Lake Correctional Facility in the Redmond Barrens. What the drek is going on? What’s worse is she is scheduled to be lobotomized tomorrow. Less than 48 hours to pull this off.

I work with their data sprite to forge a transfer order form KE to an Ares research facility. I then use that to hack into their host and plant the new orders and while I am at it, I get rid of the lobotomy order. I am wiz! While in there I learn that they have her under the name of Ina Sorensen.

Tuesday May 1, 2075

We are able to get in with AJ and Clutch taking the lead. They use the forged materials and bring along Doc to sedate the prisoner if necessary. The girl is still out. When I saw her in the truck, holy drek was she scarred up. We make the call to Static and Doc insists that we meet do the transfer at her clinic.

Turns out that Ion Angel is Doc’s sister. Well not knowing what they did to her, I decide to take some precaution and jam her from the matrix. She wakes up and boy is she pissed and struggling to maintain any sort of connection to reality. I mean, reality sucks, but knowing who and what you are is kinda important. Ion makes a break for it, and we react in typical fashion which means that Sprite casts a spell that sticks everyone to the floor.

Static gets there and we are able to finally get everyone to calm down. Static tells us that he will be able to get through to her, but now, I am guessing, Doc will be a bit of a mess. Who knows what else is missing or a mess with that poor girl. Either way, we saved the day and got a little pay.

Mycroft out.

New Gang in Town part 2 a Diary Entry by Glowstick
To fight Injustice and Bad Guys?

Dear Diary

So we created a Gang and it’s not just the original six of us anymore. We managed to make a good impression on a city official regarding clean-ups which included para-critters and the like, something the city won’t do for low income neighborhoods. This allowed The Spectral Ryders to do some recruiting. We got quite a bit of people in two weeks and it’s been about a month since this was plopped in our laps.

I saw some hookers surrounding Wedge and I didn’t like it. So I chased them off with my spell blades. I had declared that “He makes me laugh.” And I think I said something along the lines of ‘That he’s mine’ which left Liam so frustrated and angry with that. Liam got so frustrated and said I had poor choices. However Wedge actually proved himself trustworthy time and again when he did some accounting and made sure we all had a fair share. It’s not enough to support cost of living so I have to address the issue with Wedge but only when the others aren’t hearing.

Liam and Wedge fights have got a bit more threatening with Liam doing most of the threatening. Wedge gave the Ultimatum to Liam to either prove himself or take Wedge out. I don’t want Wedge to die and I don’t want to resort to violence against Liam even if to protect Wedge but I might have to. Liam is so violent I hope he leaves Wedge alone. I…I think I will be sad and angry if anything happens to Wedge.

As for new people to the growing group well…We got quite a surprising number of awakened and if they’re not physical adepts then they are aspected magicians. We even got two super handsome male Elves as new faces. It is weird enough I’m one of the most attractive here but to have three of us? Three attractive elves? Something is a bit weird. One even says he owes quite a bit of money to the wrong people so he’s here trying to earn money. Us three ended up doing some negotiations and are bringing in a large sum of money per week in cleaning the area. I wonder what spells the awakened spellcasters of the group know? Hopefully some I can learn!’

It’s been about a month and Liam hasn’t paid his share of the rent and I fear loosing the house my parents raised me in. I prefer my privacy away from all the partying done at the club, the gang’s safehouse. For it’s become a club of partying. I need to stop writing and talk to Wedge, for I have some issues that are weighing on my mind.


2075-04-11 Splintered State (cont.)
Elevator going down (Threading the Needle)

Thursday April 11, 2075

Thank goodness for good medical care. So turns out they were putting betaware gear in me. Feels weird to just be able to do things, but I am sure it will come in handy. I picked up the skillsoft to pilot and also for using automatics. This might be too much fun.

So the elevator configuration was terrible for quick in and out. They have security that will break your legs before they kills and then break your arms. We went over a ton of plans and eventually settled on one that nearly got me killed. We rode the top of an elevator down to the floor we needed and then had to hop across to get to the door to open. Well, I am not the most gymnastic of the group and nearly did a 10 story skydive without a shoot. Luckily Sprite saved my hoop or the crew was going to need to get tricky with getting the data.

Once through, Ratchet ran security server overwatch while we got to the server room and I went to work extracting the data from the right host. My legendary skills were able to get the data and copy the decrypted file to the deck and we headed out. I wasn’t up to making the leap of faith between elevators and begged the shamans to use their spirit helpers for a little speed boost out up the stairs.

We got past the pilot and stole the plane and out to see where we hit our destination and our payday. A quick trip into the mountains to meet up with Clutch and we had the plane stashed and back to the city.

Mycroft out.


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