The Vault

The Vault Faction Rewards – Reputation Rules for The Vault as a Faction

Ash Union- An affiliated initiatory group.
Noose Net- The local Shadow Grid

The Vault is the name adopted by the loose collective of the Chicago Shadow Community. No real leaders emerge, but notable figures stand out that are community Contacts and Johnsons that respect the opinion of each other. The name comes from the old library that they setup as a community center.

The Vault is an old community datacenter on W North Ave across from Humboldt Park in the CZ. The exterior structure of the building is pitted and charred. Its reinforced concrete dome shows signs of age, with exposed rebar in the halfmeter thick walls. The building is encircled with two rows of staggered, attack-resistant bollards that prevent anything larger than a motorcycle from getting too close to the walls.

Inside the facility are three main areas: the power plant, the offices, and the server farm. The power plant area, which once housed a large generator and underground diesel reservoir, has been converted to a makeshift entertainment arena known for its high-profile pit fights. The office area has been converted to a makeshift street clinic; the tattered remnants of the cubicle partitions have been converted to recovery cots and private examination rooms. The few walled offices now serve as operating theaters and quarantine rooms. The clinic is run by Dr. Martin Tate. The old server farm with its rows of chain-link cages has become a barter shop with a reputation for having what you need or connecting you to someone who does, if you can pay the price.

The Vault

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