Renraku North America is the secondary source of Renraku’s consumer products arm, and it also holds heavy investment in entertainment and education. There are significant computer investments here in database management and the leasing of processing power to smaller corporations, Matrix security, and there are regional developers who are always headhunting for promising candidates to send to the home office. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, is that North America is ground zero for Renraku’s customer service industry, where they keep the Renraku brand name off of the hundreds of subsidiaries and the thousands of affiliates found in every corner of the continent.

Faction Influence: Matrix Security and Customer Service

Faction Equipment: Reraku Branded equipment, Software

+9, The well respected Runners will be given an opportunity to join the classrooms of a world renowned experts. The group earns the Sensei quality for a Technical Skill Group or for the Academic, Professional, or Language categories.

+4, You may now purchase SINs from Renraku with the -2 Availability bonus and at a 10% reduction in price. Note that Renraku will not forget that the SIN is a fake.

+1, The Matrix shopping centers and education resources of Renraku North America grant fast access and minimal access restrictions. Reduce the delivery time of software by one category, to as low as 3 hours.

-1, Renraku North America has the market cornered on Chicago’s access to data hubs. The Runners will be unable to subscribe to software libraries.

-4, Due to the data compiled in Renraku’s SIN database servers, SIN verification checks get a +2 to match information with the profile made regarding the runners.

-9, You are on a list of Matrix Personas that the security spiders of Renraku target for training purposes. The Runners are subject to the Prank Warrior Quality.


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