Mitsuhama has a strong culture of honor and respect for authority, much like the nation they arose within. Rank and promotion are earned through hard and successful work. Failure is a cause for shame, not just on the individual who failed but on their entire family. Seppuku is an acceptable atonement for failure that clears the dishonor from the family.

In the shadows they have a bi-polar reputation. On one hand they are the Zero-Zone corporation with zero tolerance for failure, especially in the case of runners they deem worthy to hire. On the other, they treat successful runners like valued corporate employees. They pay well, deal straight, and if you get double-crossed it was your fault somehow. That fault is most often created by a failure to remember that they expect closed mouths and honor among thieves.

Faction Influence: Heavy Industry and Wide Market Influence

Faction Equipment: Mitsuhama Branded equipment, Computer Hardware

+9, Runners that achieve and maintain this level of reputation with Mitsuhama may elect to apply for a Megacorporate SIN with a Mitsuhama and will be offered a Day Job as a Security Consultant for any week that the Runner desires. While working that job, a Middle or Traveler lifestyle with a Corporate Grid subscription is provided for free. Making use of this feature too frequently may result in losing touch with contacts in the Shadows as you help design systems to kill Shadowrunners via Mitsuhama’s Zero Zone policy. (Retiring a character is an option, a new character with a percentage of the retired character’s karma will be available.)

+4, The Fairlight Network Ninjas will assemble modifications for devices covered by Faction Equipment that are bought in the same transaction as the modification.

+1 & -1, Mitsuhama is quick to re-evaluate their relationship with noted runners. Any increase or decrease to reputation with Mitsuhama is doubled.

-4, Mitsuhama will never send work your way again. Raising reputation with them at this point will require alternative means. Seppuku is an uncommon, but effective method of letting your teammates off the hook (again, retiring a character is an option.)

-9, For a reason that must be unrelated to the issues that Mitsuhama has with your activities. Unsavory elements in organized crime have taken a lethal interest in you.


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