Horizon (also known as the Horizon Group) is a AAA megacorporation that focuses on public relations, media, and entertainment. Its main headquarters is in Los Angeles. While Horizon is best known for its presence in all aspects of advertising, marketing, and entertainment, it also has subsidiaries in consumer goods and services, real estate and development, and pharmaceuticals. Present in Chicago is the recently acquired Truman Technologies, an entertainment and media corporation founded before Bug City.

Faction Influence: Horizon is unafraid of leveraging their public relations voodoo in the shadows.

Faction Equipment: The equipment that Horizon is most associated with are Cosmetic and Bioscupting surgery and lifestyle improvement consumer products (commlink accessories, entertainment products, etc.). Horizon also has connections in the fashion industry, granting access to High Fashion Armor.

+9, Runners who are golden in the eyes of Horizon’s interests will find that Public Awareness is no longer a concern for them, as Horizon produces a television show featuring the characters. Those who participate will receive the Mega-Corporate Fame quality for free, but the Social benefits reverse when dealing with other members in the Shadows as you are viewed and a sell out and faker.

+4, Becoming a regular and loyal team on retainer for Horizon will allow runners to obtain a High Lifestyle in the Truman corporate district at Middle Lifestyle costs. Being favored isn’t enough to avoid any heat that you bring to their doorstep, and illegal activities and possessions are not tolerated.

+1, Horizon will use it’s influence to temporarily raise or lower your Notoriety or Public Awareness by 1, the bonus can be changed every month and goes away with the Reputation drops below this level.

-1, Horizon will use it’s influence to twist your reputation, giving you a permanent +1 Notoriety. It can be bought off with Street Cred. This only applies once for the campaign.

-4, The Corporate Johnson grapevine is abuzz with news of how you treat your contacts. Corporate contacts for the runners make a Loyalty test, failure means a loss of a point of Loyalty (roll a number of dice equal to Loyalty, one hit succeeds, four Loyalty or more is an automatic success via buying hits).

-9, The Horizon executive covering Chicago puts forth the resources to inflict a Bad Rep quality on the Runners featuring artfully crafted deeds attributed to the Runners regarding their professional methods, hobbies, and taste in music appropriate to the heinous sociopaths that the Runners are now known to be.


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