General Faction Rewards

Factions reward or punish frequent and consistent behavior with their runners.

+9, The Runners will gain a “Friends in High Places” level contact. The individual will be revealed once the group gets high enough to be able to earn this tier of favor.

+4, The Runners earn an additional 3% Nuyen for every Reputation point that the team has when doing work for the Faction.

+1, Equipment related to the Faction will have 2 less Availability as long as the Runners maintain a positive relationship with the Faction. This does not work for having Contacts outside of the Faction look for the equipment.

-1, Equipment related to the Faction has 2 more Availability when found through the Faction’s contacts or by the Character directly. This can be avoided by having others look for them or finding an alternative product.

-4, The Runners earn 3% less Nuyen per Reputation deficit when working for the Faction.

-9, The Runners earn (because you really earned it) an “Enemy in a High Place”, a troubleshooter is directly assigned to keep tabs on the group.

General Faction Rewards

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