-Glitching occurs on half or more dice coming up 1s.

-Edge can be spent on any test, unless specified (such as Artificing, Skilljacked Skills, and Edge tests), but you cannot regain Edge if you spent edge during a multi-day test until the test is completed.

-Equipment Repair uses the rules in Rigger 5 and Run Faster. Ask at the table for an explanation if you don’t have the rules accessible.


-Learning skill time: 5th edition listed training time is the interval for an extended test, make INT+skill vs threshold of [new rating]. Instruction is a teamwork test, capped by instruction skill rather than learnt skill. Extra hits reduce time, as per buying gear rules.

-Both barriers and vehicles, when being shot through, will add their armor value to the target for determining stun vs physical damage; the structure/body will make a teamwork test to assist the damage soak of the target instead of the addition listed in the book.

-Movement rates for standard metahumans have changed from x2/x4 to: (3+AGI)/(3+3xAGI)

-Vehicle Called shots will only Disable a vehicle if the damage dealt exceeds the Body of the vehicle. Reducing the Speed to 1 requires damage dealt to exceed half the Body of the vehicle. Multiple attacks against the same area are cumulative for comparing damage dealt to Body.

-The Social Test modifier for Street Cred is only applied to the character with more Street Cred and the net bonus after adding your Street Cred and subtracting the target’s Street Cred is limited to your Charisma.

-Disguise can function alone or as a teamwork with Impersonation (instead of a cumulative threshold).


-Availability of items found by or for a character is reduced by that character’s Street Cred/10, rounded down.

-Extra physical damage boxes granted by Cyberlimbs can only be repaired with the Cyber-technology skill. See GM for details if this applies to your character.

-Instructors will charge (10 x Instructor’s Skill Rating) nuyen per day, and all instructors are assumed to have a Charisma of 5.

-Hired mechanics use an interval of 4 hours for vehicles/drones, will only work for 8 hours per day, and charge 100Â¥ per hour. To calculate how long it takes to complete a modification, divide the threshold by four (round down) and multiply this by the interval time.
If you have an appropriate contact (Mechanic) they can perform the modification for you. The time to complete the task is the same, but they will offer a discount on their services. Reduce the amount they charge per hour by 10% for every point of Loyalty you have with that contact.

-Hospitalization grants access to medical professionals that provide a medicine check for patients. The dice pool for basic care is 9 and 18 for emergency care.

-Contacts can passively look for gear for a Runner using a dicepool of Connection Rating x2 + Loyalty. To get a contact to use their Negotiation skill, Contacts typically charge (Connection rating – Loyalty) * 100 Nuyen per day for finding gear.

-Contacts may provide information for free, but otherwise will charge a day’s work for information they know immediately and double if you request them to hunt for information as an Extended Test. The expected Dicepool is Connection Rating x 2 (+4 if it is in their area of expertise). To get free information, the Character rolls an Etiquette + Charisma + Loyalty. Hits indicate how much of the immediately available information is free.

-Valkyrie Modules are considered Autodocs.

-Autodocs may aid or perform Medicine Tests.

-Medicine Tests are influenced by the Healing Modifiers table (Medkits do not aid Medicine rolls).


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