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  • Kohaku Minako (verified)

    Thank you for all the warm welcome tweets. I'm happy to finally be here and already picked up some Aztech Baked Soy Fish Speciale! #MonopodSnacksIncorporated #AmericaTour

  • Renraku

    Renraku North America is the secondary source of Renraku’s consumer products arm, and it also holds heavy investment in entertainment and education. There are significant computer investments here in database management and the leasing of processing power …

  • Kohaku Minako

    Kohaku Minako is a singer/entertainer under contract with Renraku Computer Systems. Born a silver fox, she was gifted as an Inari to former Ranraku board member, Ken Itoma and his wife Ayame Itoma on the announcement of their pregnancy. When the child, …

  • Hitako Yatsumari

    Asian born director for Matrix Security for [[Renraku]]. Known for his brutality when dealing with security violators and corporate rivals, going so far as to have some killed. There is evidence that he has been embezzling funds from Renraku.

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