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  • Kenneth Brackhaven

    Kenneth Brackhaven is best known for his run as Presidential candidate under the Archconservative Party for the UCAS Presidential Election 2057. He came in at a close second to Dunkelzahn. Kenneth Brackhaven went to Pacific State University, graduating …

  • Eliza Bloom

    Bloom’s gubernatorial run against [[:brackhaven | Brackhaven]] last year was roundly unsuccessful. In spite of the controversy surrounding his staunch opposition of Prop 23, Brackhaven won by a landslide, a humiliating political defeat for Bloom. Bloom is …

  • Harold Hughs

    Joined in on the election for mayor of the newly reformed Chicago government as the cap stone to a slow plodding political career. He wins elections through tenacity and a lack of pride, but he knows the buttons to press to get his ballot box filled.

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