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  • Jack

    The word on Jack is that he hangs around [[:hot-bod-bonnie-brawn | "Hot Bod" Bonnie Brawn]]'s shop, sometimes working with the mechanics. The only place people see Jack in person is in street racing around the barrens where he has an unwelcome interest in …

  • Bobby Jackson

    [[File:396847 | class=media-item-align-none | 650x323px | Bobby_Shop.jpg]] Because he fixes a lot of cars and is known on the block for being the best, Bobby knows several people from local Gang Leaders to the occasional borough mayor. Bobby's …

  • Sleet Lacer

    Her street name stems from a terrible attempt at learning Japanese. Sleet Lacer is a Rigger that uses shortcuts and tricks to force every advantage that she can out of her vehicles, sometimes to destructive results.

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