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  • BD Week #1

    Played 'Chasing the Wind' at Blind Dragon. [[:markus_johannes | Jason / Auroch]] 'Dex' 3 pregen characters, to be detailed with newly minted shadowrunners next time.

  • BD Week #2

    Played ‘Liberation’ at Blind Dragon. [[:wild-arrow | Arrow]] [[:damien-ace-smith | Ace]] Mash Isaac Violet Jok [[:markus_johannes | Auroch]] Dubadì Earned 1 Street Cred 6 Karma 12,000 ¥ Met [[:lothan-the-wise …

  • A Slick Start in a Rough City

    _Running in Chicago again. Could be worse._ [[:markus_johannes | Auroch]] found himself returned to Bug City, this time without the benefit of work lined up for him. Things had gone south here over the last couple months, and its become hard to get work …

  • A Slick Start in a Rough City, II

    [[:markus_johannes | Auroch]] couldn't help but think that had gone pretty well. Sure, a bunch of plants were killed off with a dangerous and toxic chemical that had been outlawed for the last century, but they'd controlled the dispersal …

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