The Wrong Side of Heaven

First Meetings
The running starts

“Imaginary” Annie Goldsmith recruited the runners by talking their way out of a wrongful (for a change) arrest. She sent them to meet Mr. Johnson at the Banshee, a rough bar in the Redmond Barrens. The newly formed group decided to work together to retrieve the commlink that was requested, and found a second one along the way. After some information diving, they determined it belonged to one Seth Dietrich, a missing FBI detective. Looking for more info, the one thing that seems certain is that they have something on their hands that might translate into more money than what Mr. Johnson paid them for their work earlier…

2 karma awarded

New from Tir'Tairngire
Setting up heal shop with Electra

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Following Electra’s initial meeting with what she can presume to be the face and leaders of the Shadowrun group Bobby set her up with, she will begin to set up what she can to be on retainer for healing the injured/bloody/near dying yadda yadda. Her overall goal will be to save up to buy an actual place possibly in Renton near Bobby’s racers and those who street race. Puyallup may not be the greatest location that’s just first impressions as Electra needs to learn the area.

“Ground my Electrodes and total Blackout frustration, this Acid Rain is horrible for nature and sensitive electronics! It’s stinky too. First free time I’ll be at Zappers, dancing there is great! Cover your new nick is Gillz, I must wonder if you can swim or sink.” She’ll say in English.

Being bored she’ll listen to some music on her headset when she has nothing to do, and occasionally will mutter in a mixture of Sperethiel and Japanese: “Jack Jack who are you? Jack Jack why so blue? Jack Jack needs a nick. Jack Jack what to pick?” this will be under her breath absent-mindedly.

“Could call Electrode
But that’s overused at Zaps
This is frustrating.” In Japanese Haiku.

Restaurant Meeting
Can they get a bigger chair?

Truck have good day. First it was bad, but it turn good. I needed money and no have job, but Kane call and tell me people need work! I meet lot of new people: The tiny man who use computers, I hope he not a evil hacker because I HATE them! and there was also hungry hungry ork who give good handshakes. Not afraid of crush his hand by shaking it, unlike tiny human peoples. They tell me of new job while sitting in restauraunt; Me not remember all the details, but those less important than Truck just being there. Not sure if I join right crew, but I do like nuyen, so I see where this go.

A day at the zoo
pay from Armitage

After meeting and organizing the last two members of the team, the group went to survey the Fort Lewis Zoo. The getaway group found some side gates while the insertion group looked over the paths through the complex and situated themselves inside. Things were going well until the hand off.

First, their contact claimed to be “Armitage”, not Seth Dietrich (his ID later named him as Alan Foster). Before any time to figure out the situation, a shot rang out, putting a fatal wound through their contact’s neck. It also released the nearby basilisks from their enclosure and signaled two more shooters to hose down the area with explosive rounds.

Cover and Rain managed to exfiltrate the fire zone, along with the now deceased body of their contact person. They met with the escape van at the eastern end of the park, and proceeded to make good on an escape. Truck was not so lucky, having been petrified by a basilisk earlier in the confusion, and was treated by the military police on site. He was released, as there was no proof of his involvement, but it was a close call.

The team still has the commlink they were trying to unload, but on the upside, they did acquire the pay they were promised for it. Unfortunately, they still need to figure out what to do with the hot merchandise.

3 karma awarded

Crack is Whack
Jack Examines the Commlink of the Dead Guy

In the passenger seat of the van after leaving the zoo, Jack says he’s going to scope out the commlink for danger and valuable info. He falls unconscious, secured by the seat belt.

From Jack’s view, the van fades away and the visual of a car load of runners is replaced by a black space with objects floating in space around him. The objects have different colors, shapes, and even move at different speeds around him. Without concentration, icons appear as far out as 100 meters and disappear at the same distance behind him as the van moves past people on the street.

His view is cluttered as each device that is wireless is in view, so he groups electronics slaved into a PAN to their respective commlinks. Now the dozens of signals in the van have reduced to one per person and the dead guy’s comm. To check for anything hidden, he pings the surroundings. Nothing shows, so he feels find focusing more on the device in question. It’s a Transys Avalon, a powerful one, and it has an encrypted file.

Encryption… going to need some backup. Jack grabs a bundle of corrupted data from the background. Exerting his will, the data starts to take on a life of it’s own and some wrangling shapes it into an entity constructed of the Matrix. The simple minded tumbleweed, a sprite, waits for Jack’s direction.

Jack and the sprite trick and tease the information out of the commlink and copy the decrypted file to Jack’s commlink. Sensing the looming presence of the overlords of the Matrix, Jack lets the spite go and covers his own tracks.

Regaining consciousness, the session having been minutes long, Jack updates Cover via mental texting. The files was another fragmented journal entry of a FBI investigator. Jack and Cover dive back into the Matrix to assemble two such files into a more coherent whole. This process takes a full hour to mesh two jigsaw pieces of data together.

Headlocks and Shiny Tires
Jack Actually Gets a Vehicle Legally

Jack was waiting, jittery with excitement, in the waiting room of “Hot Bod” Bonnie Brawn’s vehicle repair shop. Normally, his love of BTLs and VR games keep him from properly sleeping, but this past week has been more like the sleepless lead up to Christmas.

Bonnie opens the door with a steel toed boot, the door with an already broken latch rattles against the wall. With a wide grin, she tosses a set of keys at Jack. With his hands raised to catch the plastic chips thrown at his face, Bonnie swings her fist into Jack’s gut. He doubles over, bringing his head into the Dwarf’s reach.

Tightening a beefy arm around Jack’s neck, Bonnie lectures, “Jackie, you are going into the big leagues now. While I know you like fancy cars, it’s obvious that this beast is for more than bragging to the boys are the tracks.” She drags him stumbling to the lot where the much anticipated Ares Humvee in it’s factory fresh gunmetal gray paint.


The serious tone is dropped and Bonnie finishes, “Have fun, but bring her in for repairs after the heat dies down.” A shaken Jack gingerly steps away from Bonnie’s released grip with a rare honest smile on his face.

“Thanks Bon, I’d stay and talk, but there is way too much I’d rather be doing right now.” He climbs up to the driver door and roars away in the unexpectedly legally obtained vehicle.

Dialup Downers, Interesting Dilemas

Electra has trouble understanding that not everyone has Google when it used to be free back in her Grandmother’s day. Grounded plugs, seriously when did Google start charging? Aside from a mission that bothered her where they dealt with some kind of blood sample that Electra really wanted to make sure wasn’t some kind of virus or the like, something the group prevented her from doing, However other than that despite the danger most of this Shadow running stuff seemed quite dangerously fun. Reminded her of Cheetos.

By the time they had begun the college mission at the University, Electra was contemplating heavily on using her real sin. For one she was interested in joining a magical group and studying again for certain higher tier things that she was interested in doing in the field of magical study yet on the other hand she feared her father and her ex possibly finding her. Her fake sin seems to hold up for now but now she needs to figure out applying a highschool Diploma to it or such as she is interested in college now that she can choose what she wishes to study without coming ‘home’ to prison. Her commlink needs upgrading as does her ID for sure.

Now the problem is, doing the Shadow running mission in whatever Jack can do to get it since it seems to be a Jack Field. Really intelligent and smart with the Matrix…yet can’t use Google?! Electra ponders inventing something or tinkering. Washington State could use something to purify the Acid rain to rain, perhaps with the richer areas. Should consider doing some stuff in the medical department. In either case must save for more rent and shopping sprees. Learning new spells is so much fun!

A Hacker's Lunchbreak
Jack nearly gets jacked up and then jacks out.

Jack was sitting in his Humvee, monitoring a librarian on his lunch break. The boredom and monotony was oppressing to the punk from the barrens who raced cars and hacked security systems for fun. He felt it was time to push things forward. Jack slumps in the driver’s seat and starts the most difficult hack he has ever initiated.

In a near panic, Jack exits the Matrix and restarts his Persona to clean the Marks and GOD tracking data. Feeling confident that the Host didn’t alert security, he calms himself down. While nothing bad happened, Jack understood that if he were noticed by the Host, he was seconds from being slammed and maybe even traced. If it weren’t for Machete the Machine Sprite, who is now gone, and Crackle the Crack Sprite, he would have been kicked immediately.

While he decided to engage on a whim born of boredom due to how little the stakeout was progressing, hacking the Host was something that Jack was prepared for from the onset. The risk just wasn’t worth it until he saw how much time the safe route was taking. When he goes back in there to insert the backdoor for Fenris, the safe route sounds much better.

A day with the Cubelos' Family

On the day that Jack and Reina’s team of Shadowrunners were called in to a weird Carnival with affordable real food according to Truck, Electra was pre-engaged on a day which started off as a scheduled day to check up on Conner Cubelos health. This in turn shifted into meeting the Cubelos family by being invited to the family’s home for a BBQ dinner. Gerald personally insisted by stating it would really help out Conner, who personally chipped in and took Electra’s hand. Electra quite honestly wanted to refuse but found she absolutely couldn’t as it would genuinely make the two of them happy, even though it meant getting a little bit closer to a situation Electra didn’t want to be in again.

Electra got to meet the family which included the Elderly John and Gerald’s Magician father, Samuel. Electra despite her distinctive appearance, was welcomed with open arms for saving Conner’s life and she also had the change to check up on John’s health as well. Sadly there isn’t a cure for ageing but John did share some of his personal experiences with his father as well as some general stories of the pre-magic world.

At some point she received a call from Reina asking if she was available for a mission at a Carnival but Electra politely declined as she was pre-engaged with something else. She wished her friend luck though. Conner looked genuinely sad if Electra had to leave and Electra soon learned that because Conner was sickly, he didn’t have many in the way of friends. In fact outside of the store, Conner just had his video games and family. Conner reminded Electra a little of herself when she was young but Electra had one being though, her Mentor Spirit. Her Mentor Spirit ironically was more kind to Electra and gave her more attention than her own parents and she didn’t see her Mentor spirit often. Sometimes years went by in between the occasional visits and it was almost always in how she was improving with her magic and helping others or inspiring her on some kind of invention or the like.

Conner had family though, parents and grandparents even a great-grandparent who loved him very much. When a social conversation between the Cubelos’ regarding family turned into a question about Electra’s family brought up by Elsa, Samuel’s wife, Electra became visibly upset and fell very quite. Gerald ran interference by having Conner show Electra his gaming counsels which included a still working but very glitchy 70+ year old XBOX 360. Electra was quick to leave with Conner, thankful to be away from such a touchy subject.

Conner introduced her to a game called Skyrim, something made in the final days of the pre-magic world. The counsel itself looked like someone had been trying to maintain it to keep it working and Gerald would later explain that there are still Hardcore Gamers out there intent on keeping the older systems still working which included something called a Nintendo Entertainment System. Apparently the family’s Talismonger shop isn’t the only place in Seattle to still have oddities of old tech. Some of these people are Elves and Orks and mundane men alike who were Samuel’s childhood friends growing up.

Sometime after about an hour of playing, Conner’s XBOX began the Red Ring of Death and soon the game crashed making Conner visibly upset. Electra calmed him down by asking him if he wanted her to fix it and if he would like to help her do so. Conner looked up at her a bit surprised and then got a big smile and loudly proclaimed “YES!”. Working with computers and hardware Electra had some tools on her and Samuel kept some around just in case between the tools Electra was able to take the XBOX apart, study it, fix it and put it back together though the process took some time though, roughly four hours to be exact. Conner helped by getting the tools she needed and handed them to her and by holding pieces so Electra could fit them together.

While Elsa was cooking and helping with John, Samuel and Gerald came in to watch Conner and Electra bonding over a video game counsel. By the time dinner was ready, Electra with Conner’s help had got the old machine working again and it allowed Electra to learn about the machine that she, with time, could possibly make one that worked with current tech on top of older tech that possibly wouldn’t break down as much as an older system could.

Dinner went by a litter easier as the conversation was mainly about Conner’s video game counsel and Electra helping him fix it. John made a joke about Electra being able to fix machines as well as people and Electra laughed a little stating she was no mechanic but could mess with computer hardware a little. John laughed at that and told Electra she didn’t have to be so modest while both Electra and Elsa both stated that he, John, still had to watch his cholesterol. During this time, Electra couldn’t help but notice Samuel was staring at her a bit and then felt weird, she soon realized he was casting a spell on her. Off all spells it was Compel Truth….the nerve! Electra would verify this when, after dinner, Gerald and Conner would spend some time with the Xbox 360 before Gerald would take his son to bed and tuck him in.

Samuel would use this time to talk to Electra a little.

“My son harbours feelings for you, why do you shy away from him?” Samuel asked

“Gerald is in his thirties and yet you still interrogate anyone he brings home, though with manipulation spells?” Electra asked avoiding the question intentionally.

“That’s cute, you should cast a little stronger next time.” Samuel stated, referring to Electra trying to cast Analyse Truth on Samuel but he managed to resist it. “Also, don’t avoid my question.”

In Sperethiel, Electra responds with “Oh you conniving bastard. Please stop where you stand.”

Samuel raised an eyebrow and frowned a little, “I speak Sperethiel too.” He spoke in Sperethiel.

“How…?” Electra began flabbergasted

“Since Tir’Tairngire was founded, Gerald and I do some trade arrangements with folks there. It seemed a courtesy that we should learn it for politeness. I now feel compelled to ask, how do you know it?” Samuel continued.

“I would prefer not to say. Please leave me alone” Electra stated, as politely but deliberately as she could be.

“My son is a good man; I would prefer he be with someone honest.” Samuel continued, getting very suspicious, “Who are you, ‘Electra’?”

Around this time Gerald had returned from putting Conner to bed and came just as Electra yelled at Samuel to leave her alone and ran away. Electra made it as far as the front porch before Gerald caught up with her. Samuel was stopped by Elsa and John, who both wanted to know what was going on.

Electra was in tears but was too physically weak to pry herself away from Gerald, who had a little bit of muscle do to having to move some heavy boxes of product for the store. Instead all she could do was cry for a few minutes before part of her slipped.

“Electra, what happened?” Gerald asked honestly, concerned for her.

“I want to tell but I don’t want him to hurt anyone I care about again.” Electra whispered.

“My father can be a nuisance, but he means well.” Gerald spoke softly “Still I will talk to him.”

“Not him…my….father.” Electra stated.

Gerald quieted a bit.

“He…he set me up to marry someone. Out of jealously that someone….hired a hitman team. I lost….I lost the man I loved that night but didn’t know it.” Electra was whispering at this point.

Gerald went silent and listened and held her for a bit as close as a friend could be.

“Something took over the man I loved. Physically he was fine I saved his life. But he wasn’t the man I knew or fell in love with. We…we ran away his mother, him and I. I thought time could fix it but he just got worse… more violent more destructive.”

At this point Samuel had approached within hearing distance as he used a double image of himself to distract his wife and father while he slipped away. Gerald noticed him in the corner of his eye yet both men stayed silent and listened.

“We were…expected our first child. I was so happy as was his mother but he…” Electra had placed both hands on the area where her scar was. A scar that was no longer there thanks to the Easter she spent at that strange big catholic church. “His gang wanted him to prove his loyalty, they demanded a blood toll.”

Gerald got visibly upset “Electra…”

“He stabbed me. The blade was long enough it….killed the baby and almost killed me. I fought back, was able to subdue him. There was a lot of blood. I was able to stabilize and heal myself but the baby….” Electra’s tears were returning

Gerald held Electra closer as she was crying while Samuel shook his head and turned away.

“It was a boy. Cullen, that’s what I was going to name him. When he died…part of me died. Who I was then died the night I lost my unborn son. The Doctors had to take the child out of me but they couldn’t revive him. When I was physically better I ran. All because of my father, he took everything from me. Some Christmas present.”

“Your father, he…” Gerald began, angry and saddened by this

“I would rather you not know his name and for your safety I will not tell you my name unless I know without a doubt you, Connor, your family which includes your annoying father won’t be killed.” Electra cut him off. “It’s Electra, Electra Sakura. Just Electra.” Electra firmly said.

Electra tried pullying away once more, her eyes looked longingly at her car. Her body language spoke as though she wished to run and was uncomfortable here.

“Electra I care for you and…” Gerald spoke not wanting her to drive in this emotional state “I’m not him, I’m someone who is stable and can look after you. Conner likes you and loves looking forward to your visits and.”

“I fear kissing. And I hate Christmas.” Electra spoke this while looking away from Gerald. “He kissed me when he stabbed me on Christmas day. Please let me go.” Electra begged.

Gerald released his grip on her with sad eyes but surprisingly Electra didn’t run away from him. Instead she tugged on his shirt a little.

“Uhm…when’s Conner’s birthday?” She asked changing the subject.

“January 26th.” Gerald asked and looked at her curiously. “Why?”

“I wanted to make him an XBOX that could work with modern and older tech in case he wished to download more games.” Electra admitted honestly.

Gerald smiled at that. “Id’e think he like that.”

Electra smiled back “Good” She laughed a little.

Feeling better she left, but not before giving Gerald a hug. “Thank you, Gerald.”

When she left Gerald that evening, she didn’t see Samuel come out of the door. For Samuel placed a hand on his son’s shoulder and told him “Give her time to heal. She’s afraid but she does care about you and Conner”

Gerald shrugged him off forcibly and looked his own father in the eye “Never do that to her again.” Gerald went inside leaving his father there, who shook his head and entered after.

Getting Lost; Even in Astral Space!

Electra was not having a good time at all on this trip. Aside from having trouble finding a refrigerator and some real food while somehow still being in a bad neighbourhood, She also had some trouble finding a Lodge but was able to find one that was decent. By no means could Electra be considered a Negotiator or Tracker as she grew up in a lab surrounded by books on medicine and little else. She could find her way around a lab but not a city especially one that spoke neither English or Sperethiel.

Despite that she offered to help the group whom she was forced to live with out of safety, something she wasn’t comfortable with. In order to help them out though she needed to scout the Astral Plane for the UN Prison in the city. However Electra was just given a general map idea. She hadn’t seen the city or even been near the area and thus got so lost looking for it. First she had asked for directions from a Watcher Spirit, who warned her to stay away from the area the spirit was guarding. Next Electra left and found herself totally lost.

She somehow managed to find herself in another part of Europort, an area that looked old but not rundown or gangbangy like the unsafe area she was staying in. In the Astral plane while she was looking for another Watcher Spirit or a Magician to talk to to ask for directions, she managed to find a thirty something man in a business suit that was glowing brightly like a beacon in this otherwise bored dull coloured city.

She approached the man as she was going to manifest and ask him for directions. Yet she didn’t even have to manifest as, like Reina, he could see her spirit form. She wondered if he was another magician or perhaps an Adept but he at least could speak English as he was speaking to her when she asked if he could speak English. She manifested a little so she could see him and in the process also A-sensed him. Because of her medical training and the fact she could a-sense as she is an awakened being she could tell something was off about him. His essence was higher than hers, and hers is pretty high, but his magic was lower. Because of her medical training she could tell he was a vampire.

She must of not kept her composure very well and that put her in danger because she basically admitted to him she knows he is a vampire and that’s when he attacked her. He lunged at her and while she was able to dodge his first attempt, she wasn’t able to dodge his second lunge and he managed to grab her. Yes that’s right, GRAB HER, as in a physical being was now, somehow, holding a spirit in a grapple.

She got extremely scared and Stunbolted him, managing to knock him on his butt and from there she fled. She was in no means prepared for combat for any of her spells but could at least defend herself. It was an awakening experience and when she got back to her body the first thing she did was scream vampire as she woke. Between herself and Reina they a-sensed her and found her to be, while scared, so far healthy. Reina even did a smudging on Electra and Electra did a blood test on herself. Electra didn’t want to be a vampire especially a Banshee, but the experience jolted her. She must look stupid in the eyes of Reina and the others now for the scream and she does feel stupid now but she’s a medic not a combat oreintated magician though maybe she has to be one.

She asked Reina to help her look for a spell, one that would combat disease and because of Reina’s help they were finally able to find a Talismonger who knew a manager of a Strip club/whorehouse to had the formula for the spell. Said manager and one of his staff invited the two to dance for them on Thursdays. Reina didn’t understand this so Electra had to explain it to Reina and Reina seemed suprised that just by dancing and stripping one could earn a living as apparently in Japan stranger things happened just not strip clubs which in itself was strange.

Electra managed to calm down after and Jack, one Electra told him she needed to see the place where she needed to go Astrally, said he would drive her there something which Electra was more than thankful for as dammit she couldn’t navigate herself out of a paper sack let alone a city whether in Astral or Physical Plane.


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