The Wrong Side of Heaven

2075-05-04 Hiding in the Dark
Pawn Games

Friday May 4, 2075

‘Imaginary’ Annie Goldsmith gives AJ a call and let’s us know that she has someone who is looking for some runners to do some work. All we have to do is head down to Reno’s in an hour to meet with the Johnson. She says we will know who it is. When we get there is it is tall, dark and brooding himself. He connects with DA Oaks to talk biz. She is looking for some assets that can dig into an all around bad guy. There has been some drug running, prostitution, guns, killings, etc and they want him brought to justice. Preferably alive. DA Oaks is doing me right, so I am down for helping out. Doesn’t hurt that she is willing to pay 35,000Y for the job.

After the meet, Tosh hands a list of locations that have been known to do business with this Junior guy. Otherwise there isn’t much because Tosh doesn’t have anything else. They said they have been setting up watches at his usual haunts but they don’t even know what he looks like. Their best guess is that he is an ork, but who knows.

Leaving Reno’s we get slammed into by some drunk guy. Turns out the guy isn’t drunk and is famous as he is on the top trideo news show out of Seattle named Joe Martin. He tells us that he wants to know more about whatever we are doing with KE. Willing to pay. Willing to give anonymity. AJ lets him know that we will reach out if we have something we are willing to share. At the same time, we get pinged by an Athena Tatopoulos who says that we shouldn’t make a deal with Joe Martin, but to give the data to her. She will pay use 1000Y for any good data.

We do some research on the locations as well as on Junior, Joe, and Athena. We don’t turn up much on any of the things we are looking for. The locations are business and residential locations. Joe and Athena are just normal media hounds. Junior is just a ghost, but we do know that he has been running Mafia business is Seattle and operates primarily out of downtown.

The first location on the list is down in a nasty part of downtown. The sign on the place says Mike’s Deli and there is a little old lady getting salami from a greasy looking elf. We walk in and the elf nods for us to go downstairs. That was weird. I didn’t realize how nasty I can feel walking into a place, but this is a place of pure exploitation. There are about 20 girls. As we walk through I recognize that there are using personality fixing programs to treat these girls and living sex dolls. This is some filthy bunraku parlor.

As we get to the end of the hall, a scream gets us moving quickly. I was able to open the door and there is some 12 year old girl with her back splayed getting a chip stuck into by some grubby doctor. I was able to lay down fire towards on of the bodyguards near the back of the room. Our mages are able to make short work of them while Doc makes sure that the sleazeball finishes up his operation. I patch up one of the guards and zip tie him.

AJ interrogates the doctor who turns out to be the pimp as well. He has been installing mind control cyberware on the girls to experiment. Evidently Junior invested in his business so that he could expand a little more quickly and then he pays one of Junior’s men every month. We zip tie him to the operating table and call Tosh. The pimp should be glad Doc and I didn’t splay him on one of the spare tables.

We head over to the second location on the list. Place looks like a battered apartment building and should be condemned. The matrix search showed that this has not had an owner since the crash of ’65. I do a quick check and there are several matrix devices. We head on in and we are greated by some crazy guy who says his name is Drekhead. He says that there was a bunch of junkies and some workers here until about a week ago when the gang pulled up stakes. He did sell us a badge for Detective Stephen Bingham who was killed on the front steps and was picked up by Space Ghouls. Crazy.

Next on the list of locaitons, we find a brownstone apartment building with most of the doors and windows boarded over. The front has a bunch of troll size choppers and there are two trolls sitting out front. We pussy foot around what we are going to do next. I try doing some hacking and our mages try to get a magical view, but we are running a bit cautious. I mean the gang is the Spikes and they are totally known to hate elves and we are mostly elves in this group. As we watch, we do notice that occasionally people will go in and come out and these people aren’t even trolls…

We get up a little courage and pay our way into the building to talk to a dwarf named Little Bill. With a little bit of bribing, we are able to find out that he has been dealing with Junior’s people by distributing drugs for him. Most of the time, Junior sends folks to him, but occasionally he would do the pickup himself. He has gone to the Gravity Bar and Murphy’s Law.

We head on over to Murphy’s Law since it is the closest of the two and find Detective Athack and a pile of Knight Errant. Seems the Yakuza decided to shoot up the place because of its Mafia affiliation. We check out the place with Tosh’s permission but turn up nothing. I review the surveillance footage and don’t see anything on that side either.

We find better information at the Gravity Bar. We sidle up to some thuggish folks and don’t find out much more than Junior loves the Ork Underground. Unfortunately they won’t give AJ, Doc and I any more information. Hex Girl buys a drink for the owner of a comm that I hacked. This Finagan guy had sent a message to the thugs to not bother us. AJ bribes the waitstaff and he finds out that Junior does frequent the place, but that he uses a tunnel in the basement to access the Ork Underground. Score!

Well, we are about to head into the underground. Mycroft out.

How did I not know?
Doc found her sister... sort of.

It’s been a couple of days, and I still can’t quite believe it.

Aya’s home.

She’s home.

I don’t know what to think. I don’t know what to do. I was so angry with her for years. I thought she’d abandoned us, just left Mom and me and ran off to the first corp that would have her. I saw her once, walking with a bunch of suits from Aztechnology and getting into a limo, and I was so pissed off I thought I would throw up right then and there. That’s when I decided I’d never rely on anyone again, because if my own sister could desert me, how could I trust anyone else?

I was so wrong. So fucking wrong.

She hardly knows I’m there now. She hardly knows anyone’s there except Static. He assures me (via text, of course) that things will get better. Eventually. He swears she knows it’s me and that she still loves me, but that she’s been so … changed … by her years of imprisonment and experimentation that she can’t really interact with meatspace any more, at least for a while. But I come by every day to say hi, even though it tears my heart out a little each time.

I told Mom. She was sober, at least, so she knows. I didn’t tell her everything—I didn’t tell her about the experimentation, or about the scheduled lobotomy (that will fuel my nightmares for years!). I just told her Aya had been kidnapped, and was free now, and was recovering. We cried together a bit. But then I left to get food, and when I came back, Mom was deep in a BTL stupor again. So I went home.

Patched up a couple of Jim’s friends and I’m finally in the black with the gang again. I think I’ll spend the rest of the day in the stillroom; I set a bunch of herbs to dry before we went to Las Vegas, and they’re ready to be made into medicines now. Mike’s been after me to bring some new product in; I guess he’s got some customers who are really into my stuff. Might as well make some legal cred for once.

Maybe Aya will respond to me tomorrow.

2075-04-26 Friends and Family
Shadow Lake Correctional Facility is a pretty popular place.

Friday April 26, 2075

Thankfully we had a bit of downtime. It has been awfully hectic lately and I wanted some time to dig a bit more into the data file I got on my quick view into the Renraku hosts. I was able to find out some things as they relate to Hitako Yatsumari. Seems like he is some director of matrix security for Renraku America, but most of my looking didn’t tell me much about what was going on in the video and if there was some more I could dig up. Between my research and spending my free time working on my reactions, gunnery, and palming, I had very little time for any of my normal gaming with friends.

Then out of the blue on April 26th, Julie Cruze called me. Evidently she had worked with my dad at some point and really got along with him. She also had heard that Hitako bragged of keeping more information on a host in his home about how he would take down rivals and matrix miscreants. He has a reputation for being brutal with both those offenders. His place is in the penthouse of Hotel Niko in the i-district.

I called in my team to see if they were will to help out on this run. The only one who was a bit of a drekhead was Clutch, but overall everyone signed up. I owe these guys! We did some more digging and also started to case the joint.

Monday April 29, 2075

Two days of searching and we have the gig all planned out. Not the best of plans but what can you do when most of the work would be heading in. Any sort of cred is coming out of my pocket, and with the hotel running at 10,000Y a night, it was looking like we had one way in and one way out. Let’s get to this.

So the hotel has 3 entrances. The hotel security are the pawns and with their location, we are looking at about a 3-5 minute response time. Hitako is on the top floor and is a workaholic. He has no hobbies and only leaves the place for work, this means we need to hit this place during the day. Security is setup through some hotel supplied security along with KE and he doesn’t have any additional security. We figure we will go in, get a spot of breakfast and head up, hacking the cameras and door at the same time. After that, we get in and find the host and data and get out cleaning up any sort of camera evidence we may accumulate.

Getting in didn’t even get easy. Sprite and AJ got stopped at the door, but AJ was able to talk his way out of it. Sprite took a bit of payment to ease the transition, just to get some breakfast. Breakfast was good and once that was done, we headed up. I was able to quickly get in and make it so that we had the rights to be on the floor and get by the camera image recognition. I also popped the lock on his door. We were able to find the room and host right away, along with the fact that he had internal security for the room. I hacked the camera to get in the host and got basic rights. Someone really needs to have better matrix security. Maybe they should me his job.

We found the video and whole lot of other drek. So non-important stuff… we found a list of folks he has tortured and killed along with video, audio, and other nasty stuff. Is this a snuff film fan or something? The big money finds were the call where he orders a hit on my dad after he threatens Hitako that he will inform the president of Renraku America about him embezzling funds. Hitako has the killer plant evidence about an affair and then frames my mom. The second video is of the hit. God. Fragging awful. We seriously need to remove this stain from the world. They knock out my mom and plan the gun and evidence on her. Also during that video, the audio shows the killer taking a call from a guy named Stan in Las Vegas. That can’t be a coincidence. The final bit of evidence is concerning Hitako’s embezzling.

We find out that my mom is currently being held in the Shadow Lake Correctional Facility in the Redmond Barrens. No trial. No evidence. The facility is a Knight Errant facility so this isn’t even really a Renraku cover up.

Paydata in hand, I wipe the cameras in the room and we bolt. On the elevator trip down, I run into some issues trying to clear out the camera file of our being there. They detect my hack, but it wasn’t my fault. I was moving like lightning, but their firewall was stone cold to my mad skills. I set off all the alerts, and am forced to reboot and hit the place again as we are driving away. This time I have some more success.

A quick call to Julie Cruze and she is super interested in the embezzling evidence on Hitako. We do a little bartering and I come away with 60,000Y to share with my crew. She also mentions that she would love to hire my mom once we are able to get her out. It was about the time AJ and I are calling DA Oaks, that Doc gets a call from Ratchet wanting to hire us for a job. Since the meet is at 6pm at THE Sports Bar, AJ and I have time to head over to KE and meet with DA Oaks concerning evidence that should clear my mother. The meeting goes well and it looks like things will get resolved if the evidence clears. Here is to hope…

When we go to meet up with Ratchet, he is with the king of purple. He sends us all a message over the matrix telling us that he is Static and wants to hire us to go save his Technomancer girlfriend. Technomancers are so weird. How can we say no to saving someone especially if she was held by Aztechnology. I have heard awful things about them. I mean, I am sure they are all terrible, but at least Horizon makes it look like they are trying to help people.

His girlfriend’s name is Ion Angel and has been missing for the last 5 years. He was able to track her down with some help from his group, No Boundaries Now, and she has spent years being an experiment for Aztechnology. Evidently, they were done with her because now she was being held at Shadow Lake Correctional Facility in the Redmond Barrens. What the drek is going on? What’s worse is she is scheduled to be lobotomized tomorrow. Less than 48 hours to pull this off.

I work with their data sprite to forge a transfer order form KE to an Ares research facility. I then use that to hack into their host and plant the new orders and while I am at it, I get rid of the lobotomy order. I am wiz! While in there I learn that they have her under the name of Ina Sorensen.

Tuesday May 1, 2075

We are able to get in with AJ and Clutch taking the lead. They use the forged materials and bring along Doc to sedate the prisoner if necessary. The girl is still out. When I saw her in the truck, holy drek was she scarred up. We make the call to Static and Doc insists that we meet do the transfer at her clinic.

Turns out that Ion Angel is Doc’s sister. Well not knowing what they did to her, I decide to take some precaution and jam her from the matrix. She wakes up and boy is she pissed and struggling to maintain any sort of connection to reality. I mean, reality sucks, but knowing who and what you are is kinda important. Ion makes a break for it, and we react in typical fashion which means that Sprite casts a spell that sticks everyone to the floor.

Static gets there and we are able to finally get everyone to calm down. Static tells us that he will be able to get through to her, but now, I am guessing, Doc will be a bit of a mess. Who knows what else is missing or a mess with that poor girl. Either way, we saved the day and got a little pay.

Mycroft out.

New Gang in Town part 2 a Diary Entry by Glowstick
To fight Injustice and Bad Guys?

Dear Diary

So we created a Gang and it’s not just the original six of us anymore. We managed to make a good impression on a city official regarding clean-ups which included para-critters and the like, something the city won’t do for low income neighborhoods. This allowed The Spectral Ryders to do some recruiting. We got quite a bit of people in two weeks and it’s been about a month since this was plopped in our laps.

I saw some hookers surrounding Wedge and I didn’t like it. So I chased them off with my spell blades. I had declared that “He makes me laugh.” And I think I said something along the lines of ‘That he’s mine’ which left Liam so frustrated and angry with that. Liam got so frustrated and said I had poor choices. However Wedge actually proved himself trustworthy time and again when he did some accounting and made sure we all had a fair share. It’s not enough to support cost of living so I have to address the issue with Wedge but only when the others aren’t hearing.

Liam and Wedge fights have got a bit more threatening with Liam doing most of the threatening. Wedge gave the Ultimatum to Liam to either prove himself or take Wedge out. I don’t want Wedge to die and I don’t want to resort to violence against Liam even if to protect Wedge but I might have to. Liam is so violent I hope he leaves Wedge alone. I…I think I will be sad and angry if anything happens to Wedge.

As for new people to the growing group well…We got quite a surprising number of awakened and if they’re not physical adepts then they are aspected magicians. We even got two super handsome male Elves as new faces. It is weird enough I’m one of the most attractive here but to have three of us? Three attractive elves? Something is a bit weird. One even says he owes quite a bit of money to the wrong people so he’s here trying to earn money. Us three ended up doing some negotiations and are bringing in a large sum of money per week in cleaning the area. I wonder what spells the awakened spellcasters of the group know? Hopefully some I can learn!’

It’s been about a month and Liam hasn’t paid his share of the rent and I fear loosing the house my parents raised me in. I prefer my privacy away from all the partying done at the club, the gang’s safehouse. For it’s become a club of partying. I need to stop writing and talk to Wedge, for I have some issues that are weighing on my mind.


2075-04-11 Splintered State (cont.)
Elevator going down (Threading the Needle)

Thursday April 11, 2075

Thank goodness for good medical care. So turns out they were putting betaware gear in me. Feels weird to just be able to do things, but I am sure it will come in handy. I picked up the skillsoft to pilot and also for using automatics. This might be too much fun.

So the elevator configuration was terrible for quick in and out. They have security that will break your legs before they kills and then break your arms. We went over a ton of plans and eventually settled on one that nearly got me killed. We rode the top of an elevator down to the floor we needed and then had to hop across to get to the door to open. Well, I am not the most gymnastic of the group and nearly did a 10 story skydive without a shoot. Luckily Sprite saved my hoop or the crew was going to need to get tricky with getting the data.

Once through, Ratchet ran security server overwatch while we got to the server room and I went to work extracting the data from the right host. My legendary skills were able to get the data and copy the decrypted file to the deck and we headed out. I wasn’t up to making the leap of faith between elevators and begged the shamans to use their spirit helpers for a little speed boost out up the stairs.

We got past the pilot and stole the plane and out to see where we hit our destination and our payday. A quick trip into the mountains to meet up with Clutch and we had the plane stashed and back to the city.

Mycroft out.

New Gang in Town part 1, a Diary Entry by Glowstick
And The Spectral Ryders are born.

Dear Diary…

I’m officially in over my head. And not just me this time but also my dear lovable and yet so annoying brother, Liam. I have no idea what it is with some Males who just ‘have’ to be Alpha. Well Liam has finally met his match in a young local Rigger who goes by Wedge. Wedge in both a figuratively and literal sense has a head too big for his shoulders. Some used Cyberware that is too large for him, but he says it’s his Control Rig. I can only shudder at the Essence loss for such a procedure.

Wedge is hilarious. He’s not the prettiest crayon in the box but he’s very eager to please. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen Liam in such a hissy fit. Those two have such simalar personalities it’s both entertaining and annoying. Wedge was the one to come up with the idea to make a Gang…to replace the local one that Merlin’s Pride practically decimated. The idea is to clean up this area and to take it before some other less desirable ruffian crew move in.

The other members included Coffin Nail, an Ork and kind of old to be starting a Gang. He should be starting a family or at least be further along than he is. However he seems to know Wedge. Don’t ask me how Wedge, who’s seventeen, knows an Ork in his twenties. Said Ork is very blood thirsty and violent. There is also the Russian, Mr. Black. Unlike my brother Liam and Coffin Nail, Mr. Black seems to have a level head on his shoulders for a fighter. Then there’s the town fool…some homeless Mr. Clean wannabe. Chummer goes by the name of Wintex and likes to say he cleans this and that and makes alchohol, a roomate to Coffin Nail. Wintex apparently is some kind of Decker… He bough a Deck then asked Black to take care of it.

Anyhow we met at Mack’s place. Wedge pesters me every chance he gets but he’s more funny than grating. I try to be a voice of reason but it’s hard to reason when many are intoxicated with drugs and alchohol. I’ll admit I do use Psyche but I know it’s only for extreme situations like a job but I will not take enough willingly to get addicted. And besides 200¥ per does is expensive.

Liam and I need to make money to pay rent. Magic is expensive and I need to pay taxes. Corps want college educated but I can’t afford that right now. My Druid friends want me to have a bit more experience I guess and my Shamatic ways don’t quite fully blend in to their views on magic. I guess the formation of The Spectral Ryders is a good fit…for now I guess.

Our symbol’s a Unicorn. A skeletal undead flaming Unicorn. Wedge designed it himself. We also got a place. Coffin Nail broke a Window and between him, my brother, Wedge and Mr. Black, ended a Luitenant’s Reign of the gang formally here and chased the rest away. It would be a nice place if it could be cleaned up of the filth. Idiot Wintex wants to make a distillery/lab but those things are dangerously explosive.

Wedge gave me a space to make my Lodge. I want a lock, a good one. Apparently most of the Spectral Ryders love Hookers and Blow. Disgusting. And they bring this trashy filth to this place we need to clean up. We got free rides though; an Americar and some bikes all painted now. I wouldn’t mind the chance to kill some devil Rats and apply my studies. But I don’t want to do this forever. In fact it was…kind of forced on us in the form of being dropped on us. I’m sure Liam is thinking simalar to myself in wanting to get out as soon as possible and move somewhere else.

Myself my dreams are in restoring sections of New York to more vibrant Life as well as making a name for myself as a Fashion Designer. Sure I have to study but at least these people aren’t trying to bully me yet and are accepting of my Elf-ness. However telling me to go up to a bunch of unknown gangers to try to be friendly only then to tell me to get behind cover is kind of…..dumb. I know the term, ‘Geek the Mage’, I wear armor and a Gun but please I just wish people wouldn’t see me as a pushover. I’m more than just a pretty face.


2075-04-08 Splintered State (cont.)
Time to finish a job

Monday April 8, 2075

Home! My apartment lease has run up, so I talked it over with AJ and we decided to share an apartment to cut down on costs. I considered the rest of the crew, but he is the one that has the best matrix access. Sorry but a girl has to have priorities.

Kiyoko gave us a call concerning a run at Brackhaven and his dirty data. She has had a few weeks to review the data from the comm we sold her and she has a plan for us to make a run at the 10th floor of the Brackhaven Investments building to get the data off the host that could incriminate Brackhaven and get his ousted. 100,000Y plus some spending money as prep as well as some ultralight aircraft. Looks like a pretty healthy payday but lots of scary crap could go down. From what I have heard, Brackhaven is not someone you want to take lightly or really piss off, so we need to keep this totally quiet.

So part of the deal, I get to borrow a MCT Shuriken to use as my deck. Totally a shame that I have to give it back as it is definitely a step up on what I have currently. The other bonus is that I can have surgery and get skill wires and a skill jack installed so that I can pilot the plane out of there since the plan so far is to ultra light our way in and then steal the corporate plane to get out.

Mycroft out.

2075-04-06 The Show Must Go On
Stuck in Las Vegas

Saturday April 6, 2075

Rain? Las Vegas? And we are stuck in this town another day now because our flights are all cancelled. While we are looking to head back and find a hotel, Hex is approached by some dude who thinks she looks like an up and coming musician. If I were Hex, I would be insulted because isn’t she supposed to actually be an up and comer? Either way, because of the cancelled flight, his singer, Henna See, is not in Las Vegas and wants to pay Hex and us some nuyen and a hotel stay to pretend to be musicians. Well, not all of us as I get to make sure that they have a wiz light show. I guess we are part of the band now.

We head over to the hotel and start prepping the music to see if we can fake this enough to get the money. While we have the technology to not actually perform any of the music but we still need to make sure it looks close to what the music playing. So we get some practice in waiting for what we hope are some killer steaks. Unfortunately when room service arrives it is heavy on the killer and light on steaks. At first we thought that the hitmen were after Henna See, but when we dug into their comms they were tied to the Strip Poker. Stan Gloucester. We totally need to end him, because I can see him being a thorn in our side.

AJ works his mojo and convinces the other runner group to forfeit half their pay and live while we make it look like the group was successful. We also get ahold of Bettina to see if she would pay some nuyen for us to make his exit more permanent. She seemed a bit offended by this. Also she had given him 7 days to vacate Henderson, so he still has a couple of days and I wasn’t really interested in sticking around just to make sure he gets run off, especially when he things he is successful.

Our crew did well at the concert, but I made it sweet with the greatest light and sound setup ever. We make a pretty good team and we were able to pull down the nuyen as well as make a contact with a promoter, Geno Ramballi.

Mycroft out.

A Slick Start in a Rough City, II
Waterborne Agents

Auroch couldn’t help but think that had gone pretty well.

Day one...

First time on the job, seems a bit weird from going from corporate man / Johnson to fugitive/ runner. Our first meet up with our Mr Johnson Mark “Skid” McKensie ( which im pretty sure works for or knows a Dragon) went alright, although he did seem to act strange but i guess to each their own. As for the people im working with, I have only had contact with Damien “Ace” Smith and Le Duke as a prior Johnson for them. Strangely Kohaku Minako is someone i have seen and briefly met before while on one of my trips to Japan with my former boss. As my precious item of mine has ties to her family. As for the other people in the group capable seems to be the word i would use to describe them for now.

Skylith out
End transmission.


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