The Wrong Side of Heaven

New Gang in Town part 1, a Diary Entry by Glowstick
And The Spectral Ryders are born.

Dear Diary…

I’m officially in over my head. And not just me this time but also my dear lovable and yet so annoying brother, Liam. I have no idea what it is with some Males who just ‘have’ to be Alpha. Well Liam has finally met his match in a young local Rigger who goes by Wedge. Wedge in both a figuratively and literal sense has a head too big for his shoulders. Some used Cyberware that is too large for him, but he says it’s his Control Rig. I can only shudder at the Essence loss for such a procedure.

Wedge is hilarious. He’s not the prettiest crayon in the box but he’s very eager to please. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen Liam in such a hissy fit. Those two have such simalar personalities it’s both entertaining and annoying. Wedge was the one to come up with the idea to make a Gang…to replace the local one that Merlin’s Pride practically decimated. The idea is to clean up this area and to take it before some other less desirable ruffian crew move in.

The other members included Coffin Nail, an Ork and kind of old to be starting a Gang. He should be starting a family or at least be further along than he is. However he seems to know Wedge. Don’t ask me how Wedge, who’s seventeen, knows an Ork in his twenties. Said Ork is very blood thirsty and violent. There is also the Russian, Mr. Black. Unlike my brother Liam and Coffin Nail, Mr. Black seems to have a level head on his shoulders for a fighter. Then there’s the town fool…some homeless Mr. Clean wannabe. Chummer goes by the name of Wintex and likes to say he cleans this and that and makes alchohol, a roomate to Coffin Nail. Wintex apparently is some kind of Decker… He bough a Deck then asked Black to take care of it.

Anyhow we met at Mack’s place. Wedge pesters me every chance he gets but he’s more funny than grating. I try to be a voice of reason but it’s hard to reason when many are intoxicated with drugs and alchohol. I’ll admit I do use Psyche but I know it’s only for extreme situations like a job but I will not take enough willingly to get addicted. And besides 200¥ per does is expensive.

Liam and I need to make money to pay rent. Magic is expensive and I need to pay taxes. Corps want college educated but I can’t afford that right now. My Druid friends want me to have a bit more experience I guess and my Shamatic ways don’t quite fully blend in to their views on magic. I guess the formation of The Spectral Ryders is a good fit…for now I guess.

Our symbol’s a Unicorn. A skeletal undead flaming Unicorn. Wedge designed it himself. We also got a place. Coffin Nail broke a Window and between him, my brother, Wedge and Mr. Black, ended a Luitenant’s Reign of the gang formally here and chased the rest away. It would be a nice place if it could be cleaned up of the filth. Idiot Wintex wants to make a distillery/lab but those things are dangerously explosive.

Wedge gave me a space to make my Lodge. I want a lock, a good one. Apparently most of the Spectral Ryders love Hookers and Blow. Disgusting. And they bring this trashy filth to this place we need to clean up. We got free rides though; an Americar and some bikes all painted now. I wouldn’t mind the chance to kill some devil Rats and apply my studies. But I don’t want to do this forever. In fact it was…kind of forced on us in the form of being dropped on us. I’m sure Liam is thinking simalar to myself in wanting to get out as soon as possible and move somewhere else.

Myself my dreams are in restoring sections of New York to more vibrant Life as well as making a name for myself as a Fashion Designer. Sure I have to study but at least these people aren’t trying to bully me yet and are accepting of my Elf-ness. However telling me to go up to a bunch of unknown gangers to try to be friendly only then to tell me to get behind cover is kind of…..dumb. I know the term, ‘Geek the Mage’, I wear armor and a Gun but please I just wish people wouldn’t see me as a pushover. I’m more than just a pretty face.


2075-04-08 Splintered State (cont.)
Time to finish a job

Monday April 8, 2075

Home! My apartment lease has run up, so I talked it over with AJ and we decided to share an apartment to cut down on costs. I considered the rest of the crew, but he is the one that has the best matrix access. Sorry but a girl has to have priorities.

Kiyoko gave us a call concerning a run at Brackhaven and his dirty data. She has had a few weeks to review the data from the comm we sold her and she has a plan for us to make a run at the 10th floor of the Brackhaven Investments building to get the data off the host that could incriminate Brackhaven and get his ousted. 100,000Y plus some spending money as prep as well as some ultralight aircraft. Looks like a pretty healthy payday but lots of scary crap could go down. From what I have heard, Brackhaven is not someone you want to take lightly or really piss off, so we need to keep this totally quiet.

So part of the deal, I get to borrow a MCT Shuriken to use as my deck. Totally a shame that I have to give it back as it is definitely a step up on what I have currently. The other bonus is that I can have surgery and get skill wires and a skill jack installed so that I can pilot the plane out of there since the plan so far is to ultra light our way in and then steal the corporate plane to get out.

Mycroft out.

2075-04-06 The Show Must Go On
Stuck in Las Vegas

Saturday April 6, 2075

Rain? Las Vegas? And we are stuck in this town another day now because our flights are all cancelled. While we are looking to head back and find a hotel, Hex is approached by some dude who thinks she looks like an up and coming musician. If I were Hex, I would be insulted because isn’t she supposed to actually be an up and comer? Either way, because of the cancelled flight, his singer, Henna See, is not in Las Vegas and wants to pay Hex and us some nuyen and a hotel stay to pretend to be musicians. Well, not all of us as I get to make sure that they have a wiz light show. I guess we are part of the band now.

We head over to the hotel and start prepping the music to see if we can fake this enough to get the money. While we have the technology to not actually perform any of the music but we still need to make sure it looks close to what the music playing. So we get some practice in waiting for what we hope are some killer steaks. Unfortunately when room service arrives it is heavy on the killer and light on steaks. At first we thought that the hitmen were after Henna See, but when we dug into their comms they were tied to the Strip Poker. Stan Gloucester. We totally need to end him, because I can see him being a thorn in our side.

AJ works his mojo and convinces the other runner group to forfeit half their pay and live while we make it look like the group was successful. We also get ahold of Bettina to see if she would pay some nuyen for us to make his exit more permanent. She seemed a bit offended by this. Also she had given him 7 days to vacate Henderson, so he still has a couple of days and I wasn’t really interested in sticking around just to make sure he gets run off, especially when he things he is successful.

Our crew did well at the concert, but I made it sweet with the greatest light and sound setup ever. We make a pretty good team and we were able to pull down the nuyen as well as make a contact with a promoter, Geno Ramballi.

Mycroft out.

A Slick Start in a Rough City, II
Waterborne Agents

Auroch couldn’t help but think that had gone pretty well.

Day one...

First time on the job, seems a bit weird from going from corporate man / Johnson to fugitive/ runner. Our first meet up with our Mr Johnson Mark “Skid” McKensie ( which im pretty sure works for or knows a Dragon) went alright, although he did seem to act strange but i guess to each their own. As for the people im working with, I have only had contact with Damien “Ace” Smith and Le Duke as a prior Johnson for them. Strangely Kohaku Minako is someone i have seen and briefly met before while on one of my trips to Japan with my former boss. As my precious item of mine has ties to her family. As for the other people in the group capable seems to be the word i would use to describe them for now.

Skylith out
End transmission.

Kohaku Minako (verified)
Twitter Post

Thank you for all the warm welcome tweets. I’m happy to finally be here and already picked up some Aztech Baked Soy Fish Speciale! #MonopodSnacksIncorporated #AmericaTour

2075-04-02 Moves and Counter-moves
Pancakes and bondage?

Tuesday April 2, 2075

The work with Stan left a terrible taste in my mouth for Vegas. I wanted out, but evidently Vegas had her talons into us. Sydni invited us for a meal on him at an iconic Las Vegas diner, Rena’s House of Pancakes and Bondage. Of course, Sydni really didn’t pay because the food is free the first time as long as you order pancakes. This town is a pain in the butt. Rena introduces herself while we are there and asks to talk about a job if we are interested. What does it hurt to talk to her?

Well it turns out that she wants us to recover an item of hers. It is an old picture with the pancake recipe on the back. The work rings the old family bell so why the hell not. Turns out that Marcello Merlot has the picture but will only sell it if the other item is a unique value. Rena’s idea is to get certain compromising pictures of him from the Nymph Ranch and make that type of deal. What the hell is wrong with this town?

So Della Juarez runs the Nympth ranch which is a downtown brothel on a privately own property. The ranch has been in the skin business for the last 100 years, though there was some problems with some insect spirits back in ‘59. Della herself is a big sponsor of urban brawl and while she arrived in ‘60 there are no previous records of her.

Merlot is a dwarf who is the director of the Bellagio. But is known for his being an excellent employer. He cares for his people and makes sure that they are taken care of. He does have some ties to the Verontessi family where he was part of a youth exchange program. He also saved a 7 year old girl and has really won over the corp, family and the area. Great!

We decide to scope out the property and both Hex Girl and Clutch partake in the activities at the Nymph Ranch. We are able to get a good what’s what and decide that we will do a distraction and have Sprite, Hex, and I slip into Della’s office to grab the photos, which we do on the 3rd day. Della however caught us just before we were able to get in and out. But rather than throw us to the wolves, she has a counter proposal. She wants one of Rena’s girls to come work for her. If Sorena Lovejoy comes out for an interview, she will forget that we ever made this unfortunate entry and is even willing to give us the photos. Luckily I snap a photo of Merlot’s pictures before I head out. Hex Girl calls Rena with the news. This goes poorly as well.

We talk Sorena into doing the interview, which we play escort. Sorena decides to stick on with Rena and we get the photos. We head on down to the Bellagio to do the shakedown which we at least handle in a professional manner. We are able to get Rena’s picture and in doing so pick up a job from Mr. Merlot to delete a day’s worth of records from the PCC. It pays nuyen, so let’s get hacking. Literally.

We get the lowdown on when the Bellagio systems will get a reboot meaning the security will be lower than normal. I am to hack in, get Merlot’s access, then log into the PCC so that I can hack into the cops host. It all goes super swimmingly because I am the greatest. While I was there, I also saw our good buddy Stan was due for some investigation, so I mucked with the file to look like he was trying to delete, but couldn’t. Hopefully that makes his life miserable.

All in all, another payday inside this terrible town.

Mycroft out.

A Slick Start in a Rough City
Back in Town

Running in Chicago again. Could be worse. Auroch found himself returned to Bug City, this time without the benefit of work lined up for him. Things had gone south here over the last couple months, and its become hard to get work without an established crew.

2075-03-31 Karmic Choice
Working for a slimeball

Sunday March 31, 2075

Last day in Las Vegas before we get to head back to sunny Seattle. Or that is what I believed when I started the day. Instead we get a call from Sydni about another job that could pay well. Given how good Vegas had treated in nuyen, why not see what this Mr. Johnson wanted. We were told to head down to the Strip Poker and meet with a Stan Gloucester, who we were warned is a bit of a sleazeball. Sydni completely undersold just how sleazy this guy actually is.

He wants to be the district manager very badly, but the current district manager is not willing to vacate the position. It is a miss Bettina Gluccioli. When I did some digging on the Stan the man, I found him under investigation by the gaming commission and bribing the local council members. He didn’t set first impressions well either by leaving the frag stains on the couch after his recent encounter with one of his girls.

To make matters worse, Bettina is a school teacher for Horizon and squeaky clean. She has been leading the fight to clean up Henderson by getting a ceasefire among the gangs as well as getting the ghouls to move to a different section of town that is less likely to affect the locals. Couldn’t figure out how she did that. Free samples of soylent green?

We start trying to dig around when our phone rings. It is Bettina. What the hell. We meet up with her at a Soybucks and start trying to figure out what is going on. She starts railing on us for being drekheads, so we lay out what Stan wants. She agrees to meet with Stan to sell her shares even though she has no intention of doing so. Seems she has had Stan’s office bugged for months and has been collecting incriminating evidence on him.

We setup the meeting for the next day at a warehouse of Bettina’s choosing. We arrive early and setup some equipment and then go to pick up Stan to run protection as well making sure to get part of money. Bettina does her shakedown and Stan tucks his tail between his legs. I am pretty sure he is pissed off at us, but we weren’t paid to be his hit squad. We arranged his fragging meet.

Bettina is pleased with how it went and wanted us to go that night to interrupt a meeting where one of Horizon’s researchers is selling secrets. She wanted us to collect the payment and to collect the evidence. This just seemed to thuggish for us. It was a smash and grab against a micro-exec. We talked it over and passed on the opportunity.

Mycroft out.

2075-03-27 The Longshot (Part 2)
Gambling Machines

Wednesday March 27, 2075

Well a couple of days of R&R well spent. Drinking. Gambling. Hitting the gym. I really need to improve my reactions. I can see why so many turn to cybernetics because the old fashioned way is hard work. But that is nuyen for a new deck. Eyes on the prize. Gotta figure out what happened to dad and then clear my mom’s name if she hasn’t been offed as well.

Either way we got a call from Sydni Firecreek with a line on data acquisition and device stealing. Well more of a recovery because the Johnson wants what he invented back and destroyed if we can’t get it back. Plus we get a bonus for no kills which seems right up our alley.

The target is a gambling machine currently held by Bally Technology. We figure out they use Securitas for security, Cisco for food and a special cleaning service due to their use of clean rooms. The Securitas detail uses both matrix and physical security. The building is a 24 hour facility where they do research and manufacturing. Workers swipe their badge to get in. Police response is 5 minutes best case.

We decide the best way to handle this is to pose as air conditioning servicers and then use that as a way into the research lab. We plan to head in on Friday the 29th just so we have time to get the uniforms and to prep. We head in and use Sprite for distance watch. I attempt to hack in and add our visit on the schedule for routine maintenance. We go in and they are expecting us. AJ and I head in and do a quick “diagnostic” and find that there is a fault somewhere in the system such that it is not operating properly. After hunting around, we find that it is in the clean room. We work with them to make sure the computers are off and we start “work” while the rest of the crew bring the crate with our repair equipment. With some careful positioning, we were able to load the machine in the crate and use the crate to block camera so I can hack.

Sprite plays a huge part by stopping the real crew from arriving by spotting them and letting the air out of all their tires. This leads to a no-kill bonus with a recovered machine for 12,000Y.

Mycroft out.


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