The Wrong Side of Heaven

2075-03-23 The Long Shot
You have won a trip to sunny Las Vegas!

Saturday March 23, 2075

We won! We won! We won! Errr… wait a second. This is some kind of setup. So we won an all expense included trip to Las Vegas. We also won some spending money too, if we survived and complete a mission for Renraku. There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch after all.

So Julie Cruze wants us to fly to Las Vegas and look into a data breach they had in regards to one of their doctors who had worked on a Project Mind Sound. Evidently, this doctor created some sort of backdoor and they recently logged in so now Renraku is interested in closing down this gap in their security. And we have to do this on the down-low. Pay is 9000Y with a 3000Y bonus for 24 hour turn around. Plus we get a new member of the team since it looks like Ratchet is unavailable. Clutch is an ork rigger who will be picking us up when we get there.

So Project Mind Sound was a project starring Dr. Claudio Andrade. He worked with the Minutemen which was a Seattle gang that was big way back in 2058. That was forever ago. He had the gang implanted with cyberware without their knowledge and then the gang was used as a hit squad.

Dr. Claudio Andrade is some sort of pioneer in simsense conditioning and went the street name of Cheese down in Amazonia and big into cybernetic behavior modification. Was able to dig up that he loves to gamble on horses and recently hit it big at the Bellagio.

Julie Cruze is a midrange exec at Renraku in charge of external assets. I guess that makes us external assets.

When we got to town, we wasted no time cause you know, 3000Y is on the line. AJ and I headed down to the Bellagio so that we could find out more about the good doctors bet. Of course the floor boss couldn’t help because he was so busy, but when we found a credstick suddenly he had some time for us. He must have been looking for that credstick and had just misplaced it. Either way we found out that Claudio had put down a sizeable bet on a horse from a local trainer at Steven’s Ranch. The odds were long on the horse so he made off big when it went well.

We gather the crew and head out to Henderson to check out the horse ranch. We find out nothing on the first pass through. Well we found out that Claudio worked on the horse in question and put in some cyberware in what was supposed to be a natural league. You would think they would check for that kind of stuff before the race. Whatever. With a little extra persuasion, we were able to find out where the normal vet was and from him we found out where Dr Andrate lived.

When we got to his house we found diagrams and information about horses. When we went into the workspace, there were horse body parts everywhere and blood all over the ground. Just kidding. It was a pretty sterile place. We did find the terminal and a brochure to Cabos. I was able to hack in and see that he had wiped his data. While in I did a quick search to find out if there was anything on my dad. While not as much as I wanted, I did find an interesting video file. Seems that Hitako Yatsumari had an argument with my dad. I got some of the video but the audio was garbled and the file was lost at that point. Seemed that dad had put in some complaints about Yatsumari-san concerning overly harsh punishment of his co-workers. There was also some data about how good of an employee he was. At least now I have a name I can dig into concerning my dad.

Just as we are about grab the terminal and run, we found ourselves face to face with a beast spirit. Well, I think it is a beast spirit as that is what I saw in my school work. It turned around and left and we had about 2 second before someone decided to blow holes in the wall with his gun. A troll and his elf buddy were outside laying down the lead on the house. AJ decided it was time to try out his new grenade and Sprite used a barrier to make sure the other runner’s truck was well and truly fragged.

As much as it pained me, we turned over the terminal to Julie Cruze for the agreed upon 12,000Y and did get Julie as a contact.

Mycroft out.

2075-03-20 Back in Business
Rescue mission for MacCallister

Wednesday March 20, 2075

We get a call from an ork with a datajack. Says his name is MacCallister and wants to meet up at Underworld 93 at 7pm. We get a free Mercurial concert out of it as she is headed out on her comeback tour. Free concert? Sure why not.

At the concert, which is surprisingly good for an older woman who is all chromed up, we end up having a bit of a run in with a drunk idiot and then a spirit. This is not what I consider to be a great experience but it is what happens out in the barrens. Our magical community is able to knock out the crazy guy before he can kill some lady, but the spirit overwatch isn’t thrilled with their spell casting and comes to let us know about it. Luckily all is saved when McCallister comes to meet with us to go over what he wants done.

So a woman has gone missing and the employer wants her found. They are willing to give us 17,000Y to rescue her. We agree and finally we get the real information. The missing woman’s name is Fiona Craig who arrived in Seattle from Greece, but didn’t show up to her morning meetings for her job. She is an arcano-archaeologist.

On the way out of the club, we run into a dwarf who offers up his business card. It names him Laurent Nazaire of the Atlantean Association. He says that Fiona was smuggling and item and that he would like to have that item and is willing to pay 14,000Y for it. We talk it out and decide that the item wasn’t mentioned in the original rescue so we agree to the deal. We are looking for a fist sized shard of obsidian and it will have a magic aura. Easy, right?

A little bit of research gets us a picture of her as well as that she did get in a cab at seatac. Her hotel is the Movla Hill hotel in Bellevue and she checked in at 4:30pm. We hack our way into getting AJ on the room and he heads up and find that she was going to meet with a smuggle in the Ork Underground. We find that the pawns are looking for the same smuggler, Jack Turner. The stone that Laurent is after must be part of the Morel Stone as we find a journal entry outlining it.

Wouldn’t it be our luck to show up to the Ork Underground and there is a gang turf war? Well the Reality Hoboes and the Skratcha were having a minor disagreement. We couldn’t stay out of it and everyone starts slinging spells and sending bullets flying. Lucky for us the pawns show up and round up everyone. Lucky. So then we got sit around waiting for them to clean up and process folks, which meant they let us stew.

We are introduced to Tosh Athack who works for DA Oaks. They are looking for us to take care of someone in the Ork Underground and bring them back to the surface for the bargain price of 18,000Y. We were going to be in the area, so why not? Turns out they are looking for Jack Turner as well because he has been smuggling in BTL via his boat the Fortune Hunter. About that time, we get a call from Imaginary Annie who lets us know that Jack owns a warehouse in Pirate’s Cove.

Back to the Underground we go. A local kid named Pip offers to escort us to Pirate’s Cove. Good thing he knows all the toll booths to hit so that we can help fund the Ork cause. Either way, we make it and start our search for Warehouse and the Fortune Hunter.

The Fortune Hunter is easy to find. We spend a little bit of time going over it and find nothing of any value there. We are able to find the warehouse from the boat though and with a quick search we can find that there are a pile of matrix devices in the building and that there is some kind of ward over the place. That building nearly ended us and only the one man, handsome army that is AJ was able to save the day. He full-autoed his way through a pile of goons and then used his suave debonaire styles to get us Fiona and the artifact. Unfortunately, we were not able to convince Jack to turn himself in, but 2 outta 3 ain’t bad. We delivered Fiona back to the client who turned out be her dad, not her employer. Trust in this biz is so short. He asked about the stone, but honestly I have no idea what Jack would have done with it. So we turned the stone into Laurent to get a little change. All said and told, we made off with 31,000Y and ton of bullet holes.

Man, my reactions suck… I think I am going to have work on that.

Mycroft out.

2075-03-14 Splintered State
Hotel Destruction (Friends with High Prices)

Thursday March 14, 2075

Gun battle in the hotel. We get down to biz with Kiyoko and her crew but that drekhead, Zane, decides he won’t take no for an answer and decides to hit us during the meet. I have no idea how he knew where to find us, but if I find his decker, I will show him who’s boss and then maybe get a deck out of deal. We were able to defend ourselves during the gun battle and make sure the Kiyoko and crew are safe. Zane is able to escape but he loses his crew. I am sure that won’t bite us in the hoop later. In the end, we pull down a solid 300,000Y for the comms from both Dietrich and Kiyoko. Plus we get Kiyoko’s commcode.

Ratchet and I contacted an ID guy that my fixer sets me up with to get a new fake sin and license. I spend the time waiting trying to figure out the best way to crack locks as I figure that it could come in handy.

Mycroft out.

2075-03-13 Splintered State
A Trip to the Zoo (Caveat Venditor)

Wednesday March 13, 2075

Well the Hermes Ikon decided to ring. Evidently, Dietrich would like his comm back and wants to meet at 1500 hours at the Fort Lewis Zoo near the Basilisk cage to make the exchange that with some serious cred.

We decide to head to the zoo early to do the meet up. Ratchet goes in dressed as a child with the street doc, Doc, pretending to be him mother. The goth girl, Hex Girl, heads in normally. I head in that way as well so that I can try and create a bit of havok with the electronics. This havoc should get them to call for a repairman so that Mr. Handsome aka AJ can get called in with a tool kit. I am not sure how the pixie, Sprite, got in. To get AJ in, I decide to brick the toilet. Not sexy or cool, but it got the job done.

We get setup in position and wait for Dietrich to show. When he does, I recognize him as the guy that got thrown out of the Banshee last night. He also looks confused and when AJ talks to him, he doesn’t seem to know who we are and why he is there. Of course, this is the time a fragging sniper decides to send one through this guy’s throat ending our chance for a payday. They also decide to be thorough by lobbing a few grenades in there as well. I am hanging out in the wellness center so all this is second hand from what they crew tells me. I also hear that AJ shot himself while trying to shoot the basilisk. Heh.

Luckily AJ kept his head and was able to grab the comm and a credstick off the guy. I poke around in the comm and find that it isn’t like the Ikon which had a subdevice inside it and it is registered to some guy named Alan Foster. However the credstick did have 100,000Y on it so score one for nebulously good guys. The comm did have a second half to the missing file so we still should look at who we can sell this thing to. The file references some dirt on Brackhaven on a mainframe on floor 10 of the Brackhaven Investments building, server #8. Perhaps we should liberate this data to the highest bidder…

We get a couple of rooms in Seatac and get to healing up and finding who we can sell this stuff to. In the process, it seems we have become very popular and are contacted by 4 separate interested parties. Karen King calls AJ representing Ares in Seattle and offers 225,000Y for the comms. Eliza Bloom representing Project Freedom gives us a call but doesn’t talk specifics about cred which sounds like a charity case, although I am feel for their cause, my feelings won’t buy me a new deck. Some guy with a Japanese accent gives me a call and offers 200,000Y for the comm. Finally a shadowrunner named Zane calls and says that he can offer a nice chunk of change up in the 300-400kY range.

After some thinking, we go with our Japanese business partner while deciding to drop a copy of the data to Eliza Bloom. We setup a meet with Kiyoko Inoue at the hotel for the next day around noon.

Mycroft out.

2075-03-12 Splintered State
You Know the Drill

Thrown in Jail. Seriously, what the drek! I was playing my morning game session with Trapper, when some pawns came in and hauled me down to the station. They let me cool my heels there with a bunch of other randos before hauling me in to grill me about some stolen truck loaded with comms that went missing last night. I have an alibi! Of all the weird things, they had hauled in a Pixie as well who was very irritable. There was also some a bunch of pretty elves including a goth chick, a street doc, and Mr. Handsome himself. There was also a gnome. Seriously.

Either way, after another few hours, this blonde lady comes barging in like she owns the place and says she has been able to get us out. I am sure that is going to piss off Detectives Quinn and Redoak. She said that this was a free service but that she would be glad if we could head to the Banshee out in the Redmond Barrens to meet with a Mr. Johnson at 7 tonight. Why not?

Well it turns out that the Banshee is a drekhole filled with ghouls. Awesome. The Johnson is a dwarf who wants to hire us to get a commlink from a ganger and is willing to pay us 6000Y. Luckily, Mr. Handsome is able to convince him that grabbing the comm isn’t going be simple and we could use the extra cred to take care of some of the misc expenses getting our haul up to 9500Y. Now we just need to get the comm.

Turns out that the comm is being held by a ganger named Oxycode out at Novelty Hills Sleep and Eat. Turns out the place is a refurbed warehouse, but Oxy had a real room instead of a sleep cube. We pull up outside and Mr. Handsome heads over to talk to some of the ladies for sale across the street to get the low down. Not wanting to bother anyone, I head on out to scout around back of the motel. I find a locked door, but that turns out to be no trouble at all. I head up to the room and it is unlocked. I head in and somehow I keep getting information from the pixie as to where to look next and we make it out of there with two comms, a Sony Emperor and a Hermes Ikon.

When I get back to the car, we call Mr. Handsome over and head back to deliver the comm. On the drive back, I make myself a copy of the data from both. The Johnson is interested in the Sony Emperor and takes it while handing us a cred stick with the nuyen we agreed to. He said that the Ikon has something interesting on it, but not interesting to him and that we should look into getting some more pay for it elsewhere. We head to a local Stuffer Shack to divvy up the cred. I give the Browning Ultrapower we found to the gnome, Ratchet, since he didn’t even have a gun.

With cred in hand, we all split up to head back home. We agree to try and find a buyer for the Ikon with Mr Handsome and the pixie calling folks they know while I try and crack this data.

Holy mother of the matrix! Seems that this data is a bit interesting and a bit more conspiracy theory. Sprite would probably love this since she seems a bit paranoid. So there is some Agent Kowalski who was FBI who was killed and hung up in front Renraku. There was notes about a dead congressman, a George Mathers, and some MacCallister all with references to Operation Daybreak. Seems the comm is owned by an Agent Dietrich but when I dig into him, he has been missing since November 2074. So the dead congressman was Dietrich’s last investigation before he started digging into the death of Agent Kowalski. Operation Daybreak is some conspiracy type thing where Governor Brackhaven is going to genocide the whole Ork Underground. Either way, it is like 3 in the morning and I probably get some rest.

Mycroft out.

BD Week #3
Congressional Conspiracies

Played Congressional Conspiracies at Blind Dragon.


6 Karma
13,500 ¥

BD Week #2

Played ‘Liberation’ at Blind Dragon.


Earned 1 Street Cred
6 Karma
12,000 ¥

Met Lothan the Wise

BD Week #1
Chasing the Wind

Played ‘Chasing the Wind’ at Blind Dragon.

Jason / Auroch
3 pregen characters, to be detailed with newly minted shadowrunners next time.

A letter.

This letter is folded up and hidden. There are slight watermarks on it…as if someone cried while writing it. The hand starts off elegant but quickly devolves to shaky. Sadness and fear are two emotions associated with this letter. There is also pain and that Pain seems to be strong.

Getting Lost; Even in Astral Space!

Electra was not having a good time at all on this trip. Aside from having trouble finding a refrigerator and some real food while somehow still being in a bad neighbourhood, She also had some trouble finding a Lodge but was able to find one that was decent. By no means could Electra be considered a Negotiator or Tracker as she grew up in a lab surrounded by books on medicine and little else. She could find her way around a lab but not a city especially one that spoke neither English or Sperethiel.

Despite that she offered to help the group whom she was forced to live with out of safety, something she wasn’t comfortable with. In order to help them out though she needed to scout the Astral Plane for the UN Prison in the city. However Electra was just given a general map idea. She hadn’t seen the city or even been near the area and thus got so lost looking for it. First she had asked for directions from a Watcher Spirit, who warned her to stay away from the area the spirit was guarding. Next Electra left and found herself totally lost.

She somehow managed to find herself in another part of Europort, an area that looked old but not rundown or gangbangy like the unsafe area she was staying in. In the Astral plane while she was looking for another Watcher Spirit or a Magician to talk to to ask for directions, she managed to find a thirty something man in a business suit that was glowing brightly like a beacon in this otherwise bored dull coloured city.

She approached the man as she was going to manifest and ask him for directions. Yet she didn’t even have to manifest as, like Reina, he could see her spirit form. She wondered if he was another magician or perhaps an Adept but he at least could speak English as he was speaking to her when she asked if he could speak English. She manifested a little so she could see him and in the process also A-sensed him. Because of her medical training and the fact she could a-sense as she is an awakened being she could tell something was off about him. His essence was higher than hers, and hers is pretty high, but his magic was lower. Because of her medical training she could tell he was a vampire.

She must of not kept her composure very well and that put her in danger because she basically admitted to him she knows he is a vampire and that’s when he attacked her. He lunged at her and while she was able to dodge his first attempt, she wasn’t able to dodge his second lunge and he managed to grab her. Yes that’s right, GRAB HER, as in a physical being was now, somehow, holding a spirit in a grapple.

She got extremely scared and Stunbolted him, managing to knock him on his butt and from there she fled. She was in no means prepared for combat for any of her spells but could at least defend herself. It was an awakening experience and when she got back to her body the first thing she did was scream vampire as she woke. Between herself and Reina they a-sensed her and found her to be, while scared, so far healthy. Reina even did a smudging on Electra and Electra did a blood test on herself. Electra didn’t want to be a vampire especially a Banshee, but the experience jolted her. She must look stupid in the eyes of Reina and the others now for the scream and she does feel stupid now but she’s a medic not a combat oreintated magician though maybe she has to be one.

She asked Reina to help her look for a spell, one that would combat disease and because of Reina’s help they were finally able to find a Talismonger who knew a manager of a Strip club/whorehouse to had the formula for the spell. Said manager and one of his staff invited the two to dance for them on Thursdays. Reina didn’t understand this so Electra had to explain it to Reina and Reina seemed suprised that just by dancing and stripping one could earn a living as apparently in Japan stranger things happened just not strip clubs which in itself was strange.

Electra managed to calm down after and Jack, one Electra told him she needed to see the place where she needed to go Astrally, said he would drive her there something which Electra was more than thankful for as dammit she couldn’t navigate herself out of a paper sack let alone a city whether in Astral or Physical Plane.


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