Zechs "Skylith" Maxwell

"When Angels are forced out of Heaven, they have no choice but to become Devils."


Age: 28-32


Zechs was a normal kid at a young age, grew up in a normal house hold with both parents. He had no siblings to speak of, he was always interested in business at a young age. He also had some affinity to magic as well. So he went off to college to study business and in his off time he learned more about his magic and what he could do with it. During college he entered in as an intern for a large corporation. He was placed in the negotiation team for this corp. After watching a few deals get done he caught on to how the process worked and he was enthralled by how the chairman of the deals being done was getting the best deals for him and the corp. Then during one deal Zechs saw an opportunity to gain more leverage and spoke up during a deal, to everyone surprise. The chairman took noticed and was impressed with Zechs skills and took him under his wing to teach him all he knew. His early 20’s was him learning about business practices and he also grew to understand his magic capability’s as well. One year they traveled overseas to Japan to Renraku HQ. Where the chairman grew such a rapport with them that they offered him a ceremonial Katana.

Then just a few years later the event happened that changed Zechs forever. He and the chairman went to a warehouse in the outskirts of Chi town. Zechs didn’t like the location or the shadiness of the deal. For the most part all the deals they have done in the past where in office buildings or hotels but this meeting was set up in an unfamiliar location. Then in the middle of the deal gunman broke into the location and without warning open fired on both parties. Zechs hit the deck and rolled behind some boxes and looked over to see the Chairman get shot a few times. After a few moments the gunman started to set fire to the location, assuming everyone was dead they left. Zechs got up and ran over to the Chairman and with his dying breath he said sorry and handed him the Katana he received from Renraku. After that he died, Zechs ran out of the building to see in the streets the police were waiting for him. He was arrested, and was charged with the incident that happened. He was fired from his corporation, now with a Criminal SIN he seeks out who and what was behind that attack and why the Chairman said sorry. He now sets out to do what he can as a shadowrunner.

Zechs "Skylith" Maxwell

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