Sarah Silverleaf


Sarah looks like a buxom, blonde “naughty secretary,” a look she plays up for all it’s worth. Short skirts, low-cut blouses, and a flirty smile backed up by big credstick get this lady anything she wants.

Key Active Skills: Athletics Group, Con (Seduction), Influence Group, Pistols
Knowledge Skills: Chicago Area, Corporate Finances, Corporate Politics (Renraku), Corporate Rumors, Corporate Security (Renraku), Psychology (Manipulation)
Uses: Information, Jobs


Sarah Silverleaf is a gorgeous and intelligent elven representative for Renraku in Chicago. She recently transferred here from Tîr Tairngire, taking over the operations that Renraku had largely abandoned following Bug City. With the Governor’s call to reclaim downtown Chicago, Sarah is looking to not only reclaim lost Renraku property, but to also grab as much land as possible. She may be a curvy knockout, but anyone who underestimates her lives to regret it.

Sarah Silverleaf

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