Samuel "MightyMax" Faustus

Sometimes luck is all you need!


Recently freed from the Hague and unable to find work, Samuel Faustus decided to turn to shadowrunning as a way to fuel his inner adrenaline-junkie and pay the bills. While exonerated of all crimes, he still carries a National SIN and has a day job, because he’s worried that he may be watched by secret government agencies.

Many times in his life, the cosmos has helped him balance the scales in his favor, and he’s hoping that some of that good luck is going to net him some money and fame. Due to his obsession with the long-forgotten culture of the 1990s, he recently has dawned a shirt with a red M on it that he likes to wear during runs. If you ask, he’ll just say it’s for luck ;^)


Samuel "MightyMax" Faustus

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