Seattle Decker


Outside of the matrix, Mycroft is a medium height, skinny girl with a bookish air to her. Not even remotely physically imposing. In the matrix, Mycroft crafted her persona as that of the barbarian queen, Red Sonja, and her marks look like a blood splatter of a sword passing through flesh. RedSonja.jpg


Pre-Game History

Mycroft loves her family. But those things have been ripped away from her and she wants to know why. Her teenage years were spent with her mind glued into the matrix. When her mom, Dorothy saw that she had a proclivity to getting in trouble in the matrix, she decided it was time to hone that ability and upgrade her from a trode net to a datajack.

Turns out that mom was one those evil and awesome shadowrunner, Blaupunkt. So now besides learning from school, she was learning some valuable life skills from her mother, like shooting a gun and how to do infiltration. Maybe she let a little bit of praise go to her head, but she still carries that need to brag with her into adulthood.

Life continued to treat Mycroft well until it all came crashing to a halt in January of 2075. She came home to find Knight Errant officers and Renraku security crawling over her house and her things. It took days to find out that her dad, Micah, had been murdered and that her mom was the primary suspect but was currently whereabouts unknown. Mycroft didn’t believe that her mom could kill her father. They got along well. And it didn’t make sense that anyone would want to murder her father at all. She had heard that he got high marks at work and that everyone loved him at Renraku.

With no family and feeling like the megacorps were involved in her dad’s death and her mom being missing, Mycroft turned to the job that her mom set her down the path of doing, shadowrunning. She needed some nuyen to live and pay her for matrix connection and she needed to learn the skills to find out more about her parents and the drek that had occurred.

Now off to adventure with Crash MD

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