Experienced Russian Magician

Earned Karma 202

Jason is a mostly unassuming man, standing a touch less than six feet from the ground and looking like any number of other dark-haired and fair-skinned individuals. When he speaks, however, his Russian heritage is quickly noticed, as his accent, while not thick enough to cause real problems with communication, is nevertheless pronounced enough that it would be hard to miss. Past early appearances, a trained eye might pick out small sidearms on his person, but the man seems otherwise without personal defenses: a sure sign of something hidden when you work the shadows.


In the matrix, Jason isn’t the most experienced runner around, yet he does know the basics of how to run the network, and has been known to lend some assistance to his betters in this realm. His persona is of high quality, clearly programmed by someone who knows what they are doing, and looks enough like him to be recognizable to those who know him in person, while not enough to go on to pick him out of a crowd otherwise. His iconography is minimalist and has a definite utilitarian lean to everything he runs.


tumblr_nvteqcQEW11tphewyo7_1280.jpg To astral sight, Jason appears similar to his physical appearance, if in somewhat better shape. However, to the trained eye, the energy flowing forth from him makes it apparent that he is not a mage to be trifled with. That said, the most obvious difference is the armor he wears here: where his reinforced vest sits on Jason’s physical form, a breastplate guards him in this world. Not only that, but upon careful examination, talented magi may recognize the armor for what it truly is: a spirit of some power bound to Jason as its master. Rarely is Jason without this ally, so it is a common sight alongside him in astral space. In addition, he is sometimes accompanied by another spirit that takes the form of a cat in astral space, but is never seen that way elsewhere.


Jason keeps his personal history of more than the past couple of years quiet. Whether it be something he is ashamed of or simply something he doesn’t feel like discussing, even those close to him are left in the dark about most of the years of his life. That being so, however, he seems more than willing to talk about his more recent past to those he trusts. He moved to Chicago for work opportunities and has since fallen in working with the ASPS to improve the state of the city’s astral landscape. As he will tell anyone who cares to talk about the topic, he believes that a health astral environment is a requirement for a safe and comfortable living environment. Of course, he lives in an upscale apartment in the Corporate Core, so not everyone might trust what he has to say on the topic…

Positive Qualities Negative Qualities
Friends in High PlacesAstral Beacon
Poor LinkEmotional Attachment
Spirit Affinity: ManReduced Sense (touch)

Academic and Professional Knowledge SkillsStreets and Interest Knowledge SkillsLanguage Skills
Botany (Flowers): 1 (3)Jet Set: 2Russian: Native
Business: 1Magic Community: 2English: 3
Magic Theory: 3Religion: 2Aztlaner Spanish: 1
Magic Threats: 2SimSense: 2Korean: 2
Matrix Theory: 1Talismongering (Seattle): 2 (4)Mandarin: 2
Astral Theory: 1Fake IDs: 1Japanese: 2
Arcanoarchaeology: 1Underground Music Scene: 1
Explosives Engineering: 1Area: Mt Shasta Contested Zone: 1
Corporate Security: 1Drugs: 1
Zoology: 1Area: Chicago: 1
Area: Neo-Tokyo: 1
Syndicates: 1
Mr. Johnsons: 1
Plumbing: 1
Shadowrunners: 1


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