Kohaku Minako

"Looks like you've been out-foxed"


Age: 21

Kohaku looks much younger in years then she really is often due to her publicized pop idol image. On any given day you may hear one her songs playing at a shopping center or see her in an advertisement sporting Renraku’s latest product.

In her eleven form, which she is often in, she has a slender but athletic physique standing at 5’ 2". her hair is dark with streaks of silver though when performing elaborate hair pieces are often used turning her hair a variety of shades.

In he fox form she is a pure white/silver fox.

As an adept she has a Kitsune mentor spirit.


Kohaku Minako is a singer/entertainer under contract with Renraku Computer Systems. Born a silver fox, she was gifted as an Inari to former Ranraku board member, Ken Itoma and his wife Ayame Itoma on the announcement of their pregnancy. When the child, Minako, was born around the same time that Kohaku reached maturity and first shape shifted into her eleven form, the Itomas took it as a sign of good fortune and trained Kohaku in etiquette and academics as to serve as a nanny to Minako. It was by mere fortune that Kohaku was found to excel in the arts of song and dance. With the opportunity to make money and Provide a much needed positive image for the company, Renraku propelled her into megacorporate fame but tragedy would soon follow. A few years later, Minako, age 5, and Ayame Itoma, age 28, tragically die in a vehicle accident. It was only a year later that Ken Itoma died from a massive heart attack, Toji Shima, has since replaced the late board members position.

After a period of mourning, Renraku revamped Kohaku’s image and she came back into the spotlight starring in new commercial spots and released a new album. She also surprised fans with the new goal of becoming a film star and that she was headed to Chicago to pursue appearing in an American film to further her career and the great Ranraku name.

Kohaku Minako

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