Hot Foot Mike

"Yeah I'm a girl, so what? Doesn't stop me from getting _things_."



Latina of both Mexican and Spanish heritage. Pale skin and beautiful dark eyes and black hair. Has a spunk rebellious attitude but is part of a family that continues to earn respect and business.


Maria Ignancia Katina Earlena Sanchez, or better known as Mike can get most anything that isn’t government grade or super hard to get. Her family’s records were mostly lost with the first Matrix crash with only some hard paper copies remaining. Her family started up from Mexico and moved to the States during the late 1960’s and slowly began building up small business after small business.

During the formation of the the Native American Nations, half of Mike’s family made it out what is now the Lakota side of Sioux nation while the other half became quarantined in the Anglo reservation of their own. Not daunted by this and used to getting around the law, Mike’s family became one of the first to set up shop to service the shadows and non-native sioux residents forming a strong staple. Over time this business grew from just standard mom-and-pop drug stores to a little bit of everything including weapons.

Mike happens to be located in Chicago running a weapons and ammunition type store which includes military grade bows and arrows. This store was set up by her father, Romero, and continues through this day. It’s Mike’s hope she can get big enough to expand a little further and attract new contacts.

You’ll find a little bit of everything in her store. She’s legal enough to stay from the Security Squad’s usual harassment, but is known to certain shadowrunners particularly visiting Sioux both native and Anglo.

Hot Foot Mike

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