Herman Dyar

Cicada Insect Shaman from the CDC


Active Bounties: Corporate Court Crisis Coordination
Committee (500,000¥), ASPS (50,000¥), CAS DDI
Requirements: C5 (paid upon capture) ASPS (paid upon capture or death), CAS DDI (paid upon capture)
The thought of trying to collect a bounty on Herman Dyar
should raise the hairs on the back of everyone’s necks, because
Dyar’s story is terrifying. Herman Dyar was a hermetic mage and
researcher at the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta. In his
work, he became quite accustomed to testimg how specimens of
very dangerous viruses and bacteria reacted to mana and magic,
and also determining which specimens had significant arcane
resistance. In his work, he had access to some of the world’s most
deadly pathogens.


What was going on in Dyar’s head that led to his break with
the CDC is unknown; all we know is what actually happened. In
late 2073, Dyar took a fellow co-worker home after a date. Instead
of ending in a romantic encounter, Dyar attempted to forcibly
merge her with a cicada spirit. The woman escaped, though, and
alerted Lone Star, who responded with a Fast Response Team.
Dyar was gone, but not without leaving behind considerable alarm
of what the insect shaman may have had access to at the CDC. It
is not known what pathogens he took with him when he left—or
how he intends to unleash his knowledge on the world.

Herman Dyar

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