Harold Hughs

Late Career Mayor of Chicago


Harold Hughes, mayor of Chicago, is sixty-four years old with bushy hair, round cheeks and has a knack for not pissing people off. With retirement in sight, he’s playing things on the safe side, skimming at a minimum to keep out of trouble, and genuinely trying to stay out of the political fray. He’s seen too many politicians go down in flames, and he just wants to survive to see his grandkids grow up.In a world of scalpel-sculpted charms and youth treatments, Hughs stands out for remaining pudgy with untailored hair, rosy cheeks, and nearly out-of-fashion grey suits.


Joined in on the election for mayor of the newly reformed Chicago government as the cap stone to a slow plodding political career. He wins elections through tenacity and a lack of pride, but he knows the buttons to press to get his ballot box filled.

Harold Hughs

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