Gerald C. Cubelos

Talismonger, family man



Welcome to Gustav’s Gizmos and Elixers! Home to magical baubles, shiny trinkets enchanted staves and magical potions! Serving the Seattle area and Pike Place Market since 1973!

And we thought our good Founder Gustav was crazy. He always knew Magic existed in the world and lived to see it return. Heavens know the man had the largest smile on his face when he died.

~Gustav’s Gizmos and Elixers excerpt.

Gustav’s Gizmos and Elixers started off as a humble Magcian store back when founder Gustav, inspired by his grand-uncle, became determined to ‘Return his family to their Magical Roots’. More than one of his peers thought him to be crazy. The shop itself still has old VHS of Gustav and early DVD’s, and has a small viewing area to view Gustav and the technology/world state at the time.

Gustav started the store in his mid twenties and his own wife thought that all the Marijuana they smoked during the Hippie age of the late sixties is probably what fried the man’s brain. When the shop first opened up, business was slow but steady. Now that magic has returned to the world, people from the Seattle area come all over to see what magic was like before it was “real”. People of eighty years and higher still come to Gustav’s Gizmos, children once who Gustav himself inspired in the early 21st Century.

The Shop itself started as another of Seattle’s curiosities, now it’s a frequently visited Tallismonger shop with actual magic trinkets and baubles still serving middle class and affordable to the lower income; something that frustrates the rich and privileged who’s own shops in Bellview can’t really compare.



Gerald C. Cubelos, owner and proprietor of Gustav’s Gizmos and Elixers. The shop itself was founded by his great-grandfather, Gustav Bilbo Cubelos. For the longest time Gerald’s family including Gerald’s own grandfather thought Gustav was completly off his rocker. Gustav believed his bloodline to be descended from ancient magical Elves and that his family possessed some type of aptitude in magic. Gerald’s great grandmother Sally as well as their song John gave up on convincing Gustav otherwise but they loved him despite the fact he often stayed home when they went about their social events. Both Sally and John didn’t believe Gustav’s fantasies.

Then magic returned to the world when Gustav was in his 70’s and John’s son and Gustav’s grandson, Samuel was born. Samuel was an elf, one of the first to return to the world. Samuel’s birth alone gave Gustav the largest smile and both Sally and John had to finally conceive that Gustav was right. Samuel would later awaken as a Shamatic Mage which made Gustav glow with glee. Samuel would take over the store after Gustav’s passing and handed the store to Gerald ten years ago to take care of the now Elderly John.

Gerald is generally a laid back type of guy who is very proud of his Great-Grandfather and is known for being charismatic and charming yet humble. The shop was doing very well but recent legal troubles almost bankrupted Gerald and Gustav’s Gizmos and Elixers nearly went under. Troubles started with a High-End magic shop in Bellview wished to use ‘Gizmos and Elixers’ in their name and didn’t like the fact a lower end shop was using it, so they sued.

Gerald nearly went bankrupt paying for the court procedures until both Samuel and John, wishing to save his father’s store, all pitched in. The court case was thrown out the window when John found legal documents that had Gustav copyright and trademark ‘Gizmos and Elixers’ after Gustav’s Gizmos and Elixers. Still though the High End store that none of the customers talk about in name smirks from almost bankrupting their rival business.

Gerald C. Cubelos

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