"Given time, anything is possible." -E


“In the Matrix, you try to change things, they try to change you. Anything can be hacked, even people. Everything is a sum of files and data; sprites might have a soul, who knows. The matrix reflects the sum of reality and the fiction we create.” -Eternity,

Like many good Deckers, not much public information appears on a data search for the Matrix persona “Eternity.” Though if you look in the right places, and ask the right questions, you’ might’ve heard he’s an information broker that can do a little driving on the side, as long as he can jack in remotely.

Never appearing in person, “Eternity” operates strictly by matrix contact, representing himself primarily as a large sized humanoid figure embodying the very fabric of the universe.

Those close to him would soon realize his obsession with japanese and elven culture exudes an overzealousness idealization akin to an Otaku rather than a historically genuine cultural enthusiast.


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