Eliza Bloom

Failed Candidate for Governor


A dwarf, a Nootka Indian, and an Awakened shaman, Bloom is an even rarer combination in the political world. She possesses both genuine idealism and a real, intimate knowledge of the mean streets that make it so hard for idealism to survive. Bloom was born and raised in the Ork Underground, and she is a liberal who has seen firsthand exactly the conditions that people like Kenneth Brackhaven have created for Seattle’s poor and SINless population. Of course, Bloom has also heard the call of power, and is Awakened—a shaman. While she believes in the underlying political ideology of the New Century Party—that magic and technology can combine to make the world a startlingly better place—she is not dogmatically loyal to Roslyn Hernandez, to the Illuminates of the New Dawn (certainly her shamanic paradigm somewhat conflicts with their approach to magic), or to anything or anyone else save her own ideals.


Bloom’s gubernatorial run against Brackhaven last year was roundly unsuccessful. In spite of the controversy surrounding his staunch opposition of Prop 23, Brackhaven won by a landslide, a humiliating political defeat for Bloom. Bloom is trying not to let herself become too rattled by the loss. She is seeking her revenge against Brackhaven for the kidnapping of her mother that he ordered last year through other channels. She has been working closely with Project Freedom and her contacts in the Ork Underground to see that enough evidence comes to light to see Brackhaven buried for good. She has served specifically as the liaison between District Attorney Oaks and the less-savory elements that want to see Brackhaven fall.

Eliza Bloom

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