Electra Sakura

Doc Pink, Techno Music Junkie, That Rich Pink girl that stands out


Name: Electra Sakura ( Fake SIn )

Age: 20

Codename: Doc Pink or Bentley.

Likes: Techy Music, particuarly ones you can Dance to. (Early 21st Century called this DDR type music), The colors Pink and Silver, Electronics, Expensive Stuff, Electric Punk Couture, Kitties, hanging out the less fortunate, Helping Honest People who truly need help, J-Pop Culture, people who don’t mind her style and clubbing.

Dislikes: Her Parents. The Lies of Tir’Tairngire, ARRANGED MARRIAGES, Dishonest People and Liars (She can tell), Being Hindered from helping her friends, Business Formal Wear, Being forced to wear aforementioned Formal Wear, Rich formal Gatherings of the privileged and the style they wear, Cheap things, small living spaces, stinky living spaces, Stalkers, Animal Abusers particularly when they abuse cats, being kept from her electronics and tinkering with devices, being forced to stay in social events for too long without reprieve, being Kidnapped and Kidnappers in general. Also dislikes anything that would lower her essence.

Drives a S-K Bentley Concordant.




Fake SIN: Electra Sakura licensed for Magic and hopefully soon, Medical.

Born and Hailing from Tir’Tairngire ( What was once Oregon ) , Electra was born to a privileged Elven family as their only daughter. While at a social event when she was really young, Electra wandered away from the other children and explored a forest alone. Originally it was because she was attracted to what she will still to this day describe as “The most beautiful Music I have ever heard”, but then something that she described was like a reddish pink version of an electrical blue caught her eye. She had wandered too close to a primeval magical node. This event unlocked the magic within her and also introduced to her Mentor Spirit, one who had come specifically looking for more to guide.

The ‘Electric Pink’ that Electra saw was more so a fire type aura that was lit with light that diluted the red to a pink. While her parents at first dismissed the story largely in part to the singing she described, they couldn’t deny that she had shown sings strong in magic. She was sent off to an Hermetic Mage instructor to teach her how to use her magic while her Mentor Spirit guided her spiritually and further. Electra would soon prove more than capable and above average in Health Spells and despite coming from a prominent family, would still help those who truly needed help despite her family’s frustrations on the matter.

Still though, her family tolerated this more or less because she was proving to be apt in the medical field of study. She could actually become a sought after Doctor from the science of cloning and growing limbs to applying them to delivering top of the line first aid on top of being able to heal and speed things up. However…Electra hates politics and began rebelling starting as a freshman in Highschool when she helped some Human, Dwarf and Orc friends who were living on the poverty stricken side of Tir’Tairngire. It was here Electra was awakened to the fact that not everybody thrives in Tir’Tairngire and that her Elven community where liars that refused to help non Elves. Beginning from the time she was fifteen, Electra would visit her human friend Barnze and his Mother, Clara. It was the latter who taught her how to budget, cook, clean and do laundry; such things were foreign concept to her because up until that point Electra’s family had cleaning and cooking staff that did all that.

In terms of beauty Electra was just above average, for an elf that is. What she lacked of the outward beauty of her peers she made up for in spellcasting and healing. Although not very strong, her archery skills come from being instructed by Clara and Barnze, both of whom where discovered to have Cherokee blood when they allowed Electra to perform blood tests to make sure they were healthy and didn’t have an inlay virus back when she was seventeen, at a time a strain of flu was showing to be deadly. Orc Flu, as it was called, because it seemed to affect the Orcs moreso than the other metatype bloods, gave them purple blotches just before they died, which was quick. The rare Orcs that survived Orc Flu would allow blood drawn so Elecktra could work on a vaccine. This particular vaccine, Electra was not officially credited for. For Electra had a lab within Clara and Barnze’ home just so she could help the misfortunate and as such the medical field deemed that since it wasn’t an officially sanctioned laboratory, her vaccine that saved many lives would not be recognized as such. Yet even so the local Pharmaceutical companies and Doctors were quick to demand the vaccine she developed and notes for them. Electra gave neither but it did encourage a young enterprising low level executive to take notice of her.

While Electra had issues with her parents for accepting her for who she was which often lead to bitter arguments and groundings that Electra would develop ways to escape the house from, the final straw was her parents had arranged her to marry Elrand Mir’Zen McCullen, the at the time low level pharmaceutical executive who wished to have Electra’s Orc Flu Vaccine as well as notes on a possible cure that she was close to breaking. According to her father, the arranged marriage with Elrand would be “In about a year”, yet with help of the Analyze Truth spell, Electra found out it would be within a week. Not long after that she packed up and left. Her father froze the monetary account Electra had been using, only to discover that she had her own private bank account that she set up when she was sixteen. Apparently she had been using the money her father had been allowing her to spend in order to hide the fact she had been saving up money she had made from healing people. She had made so much of it that she didn’t mind him taking away her first car. For she already bought her Bently and had it packed within the day she found about the arranged marriage.

What happened next must of been some kind of Jealous streak. She can’t prove it in a court of law yet, but she knows Elrand hired some personal mercanaries and sent them to the house of Clara and Barnze. The had beat up Samson, a cat who Electra was found of, and he was dying. Yet Clara had serious stab wounds and was bleeding out while Barnze was unconscious. This is the state that Electra found them in when she wished to come say her goodbyes. She ended up Stabilizing both Clara and Barnze with a spell and took them to the lab in order to administer first aid. However she was unable to save Samson, who died in her arms as she couldn’t get to them in time with saving the other two. The event lead an emotional scar on her and she flew into a rage when the Mercenaries came back to clean up and set up a story. Instead she Stunbolted each of them, and when the authorities came the report states “Mercenary Cars full of holes, as if they had been shattered.”

Between the time Electra took care of the Mercenaries and the police to show up, Electra had taken Clara and Barnze to their Tribal Medicine Man. Tir’Tairngire police found her there but because Electra was eighteen and considered an adult, they couldn’t take her away. In her parents great frustration, political issues between the tribe and Elven police kept Electra safe for a time. That was until six months ago, when she just disappeared. Electra is silent about what happened and is new to the Seattle area. She hopes to start a new, better life here and to do so she needs money. Only Gerald or Bobby know that she’s looking to join the Shadowrunners with her new identity.

Electra Sakura

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