No nonsense shaman street doc


Doc’s real name is Sosa Amundson. She grew up in the Redmond Barrens, the daughter of a drug-dealing mother and an often-absent, much-older sister named Aya. Doc more or less raised herself.

When she was eight, she was caught and roughed up by some gang members. The local street doc rescued her and patched her up. She was badly enough hurt that he cast a healing spell on her, and she was entranced. She was determined to become a doc and bear shaman herself, so she came back the next day and asked him to teach her. Being something of a curmudgeon, he refused. She came back the next day, and the next, and started essentially camping out on his doorstep all day, refusing to leave except to go home at night—and sometimes not even then. After the fourth time he found her in the morning, sleeping on his doorstep because her mother was either deep in BTL or had another guy over, he let her in.

At first he didn’t teach her; he just let her sit inside as long as she didn’t interfere. She watched him compounding medicines from the plants in his greenhouse, or patching up the people who came in. Most of the time, he took their cred. Occasionally, he’d patch them up for barter. Very occasionally, as he’d done with her, he’d patch them up for free. He took to talking as he worked, and she picked things up quickly enough that eventually, he took her on as an official apprentice. She became a Bear shaman, as he was.

He died, and left her his home/clinic/greenhouse, where she’s lived ever since. She’s now the unofficial doctor for her neighborhood, earning cred (and protection and favors) from the local gang.

Five years ago, her sister Aya disappeared. Sosa looked desperately for her, until one day she saw Aya walking with a bunch of suits from Aztechnology. Aya got into a limo with them and drove away, and Sosa realized that she had sold out to the corp. Aya had left her family behind to work for a corp and get herself out of the Barrens. That was when Sosa decided she could never trust anyone to take care of her. Nobody would be her advocate, nobody would ever be fully on her side. If her mother and her sister could leave her, one for BTLs and one for a better life, on her own, without her family.


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