Charismatic Troll Rocker


Crow is an average height troll with a bulky, ripped, physique. He is tough and strong like many trolls, though he seems to be well built and sculpted rather than just genetically predisposed to physical power.

The typical awkwardness that trolls have due to posture and limb proportions are smoothed over by the way Crow carries himself with confidence and coordination. Even his facial features and forward swept horns are even and symmetrical despite the common malformations seen in trolls.

Crow dresses in blacks and reds, wearing leather and boots with metal fixtures. Nearly shoulder length black hair is held back from his pale face by a worn black leather headband, studded evenly with metal. Every bit the hard rocker, he carries a big bass guitar with metal reinforcements in the body and a grip on the bridge that suggests it’s potential use as a bludgeon.

When Crow lowers his hood, a holographic mask forms over his face, displaying a jagged, many toothed grin and red glowing eyes.


In the Redmond barrens, Crow might be known for hanging around a variety of bars. He doesn’t have the connections of a fixer, but he frequents runner hot-spots enough to be a regular.

In addition, he is a recent addition to Kane’s list of brawlers. Not known for skill or exception win rates, Crow makes a good show with his tough hide and big swings. While he takes hits like any other troll, his recovery speed after the fight could be noted as surprising.


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