Bobby Jackson

Upscale Car Mechanic



Cyauto Racing- Auto Repairs, Paint Jobs, Fabrication and Custom Work. Renton’s discrete and professional Auto Shop for Street Racing and Luxury Cars.

Founded 2066 by Bobby Jackson



Because he fixes a lot of cars and is known on the block for being the best, Bobby knows several people from local Gang Leaders to the occasional borough mayor.

Bobby’s shop, Cyauto Racing, was originally called Jackson’s Auto but the name just didn’t have the right ring to it. Add in the fact the insurance company Jackson Hewitt decided to sue for the use of ‘Jackson’, Bobby got together with his pals and renamed it Cyauto. Cyauto stems for the fact Bobby and most of his Renton friends are more or less Cyborgs as most of them have mechanical limbs stemming from a past magical explosion on a Dirt Race track that no longer exists.

Bobby enjoys racing cars, fixing cars, and even soldering tattoos on Cyborg parts. In fact it was through racing that Bobby developed his initial set of contacts and friends, only for that list to grow with his successful and legal shop.

Bobby Jackson

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