Barry "Badger" Wade

Leader of 'The Ragers' Gang and Dispenser of Combat Stims


Badger is a stocky man with dark skin, white streaks running through his black hair, and glowing green goggles. He surrounds himself with thuggish and restless gangers from a variety of metatypes. He and his crew wear reinforced or armored clothes with the colors brown and green.


‘The Ragers’ is a small street gang on the north side of the CZ in Chicago who are well known for rushing headlong into conflict. His crew frequently cycle through a variety of combat drugs, Badger himself is open to selling combat stimulants to anyone with a recommendation.

Badger earned his street name, “Cause Badger don’t give a f**k”, as his dopes up on the stims, that most don’t dare touch, to not feel any pain in a fight.

A dark bit of rumor, The Ragers is not an especially large gang, but they are a gang you don’t want to be in a dark ally with. Due to fetish, intimidation tactic, or both, members of The Ragers adopt animal-like personas in mannerisms and matrix avatars, some even wearing accessories to ‘feel the part’.

Barry "Badger" Wade

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