'Imaginary' Annie Goldsmith

Invisible Esquire - Criminal Defense Attorney


Then a begrudging and bewildered-looking uniformed officer unlocks the cage door, and a short, smiling woman in a grey, pinstriped business suit strides past him. The cops almost seem scared of the tiny little norm chica. She’s cute and slight, with short, neon-orange hair and a dusting of freckles. She looks all of fourteen, but starts talking like a high-speed robot built for dispensing rapid-fire legal jargon: "Hey, just so you guys know, I just told them they have to put you before a lineup, get the prosecutor to formally press charges, or let you go, or I’m gonna have their gonads for wrongful arrest and violation of your rights as UCAS citizens. You may be far from the forty-eight-hour deadline, but they really screwed the pooch on this one, and privatized rent-a-cops don’t get blanket protection under Qualified Immunity statutes."

You’re not sure you followed all of that, or any of it, when she presents you with her card (an ARO, naturally). It reads "Imaginary" Annie Goldsmith, Invisible Esquire.


'Imaginary' Annie Goldsmith

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