The Wrong Side of Heaven

New Gang in Town part 2 a Diary Entry by Glowstick

To fight Injustice and Bad Guys?

Dear Diary

So we created a Gang and it’s not just the original six of us anymore. We managed to make a good impression on a city official regarding clean-ups which included para-critters and the like, something the city won’t do for low income neighborhoods. This allowed The Spectral Ryders to do some recruiting. We got quite a bit of people in two weeks and it’s been about a month since this was plopped in our laps.

I saw some hookers surrounding Wedge and I didn’t like it. So I chased them off with my spell blades. I had declared that “He makes me laugh.” And I think I said something along the lines of ‘That he’s mine’ which left Liam so frustrated and angry with that. Liam got so frustrated and said I had poor choices. However Wedge actually proved himself trustworthy time and again when he did some accounting and made sure we all had a fair share. It’s not enough to support cost of living so I have to address the issue with Wedge but only when the others aren’t hearing.

Liam and Wedge fights have got a bit more threatening with Liam doing most of the threatening. Wedge gave the Ultimatum to Liam to either prove himself or take Wedge out. I don’t want Wedge to die and I don’t want to resort to violence against Liam even if to protect Wedge but I might have to. Liam is so violent I hope he leaves Wedge alone. I…I think I will be sad and angry if anything happens to Wedge.

As for new people to the growing group well…We got quite a surprising number of awakened and if they’re not physical adepts then they are aspected magicians. We even got two super handsome male Elves as new faces. It is weird enough I’m one of the most attractive here but to have three of us? Three attractive elves? Something is a bit weird. One even says he owes quite a bit of money to the wrong people so he’s here trying to earn money. Us three ended up doing some negotiations and are bringing in a large sum of money per week in cleaning the area. I wonder what spells the awakened spellcasters of the group know? Hopefully some I can learn!’

It’s been about a month and Liam hasn’t paid his share of the rent and I fear loosing the house my parents raised me in. I prefer my privacy away from all the partying done at the club, the gang’s safehouse. For it’s become a club of partying. I need to stop writing and talk to Wedge, for I have some issues that are weighing on my mind.



Zephyr00 unokitsune

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