The Wrong Side of Heaven

2075-05-24 Ancient Pawns

So are we in a Go-Gang now?

Well our slump of downtime is over. It only took almost a couple of weeks. I mean, I put that time to good use by hiring a teacher to break past my inability to negotiate with anyone as well picking up some better armor through Part-Time. Speaking of which, he calls us and tells use we need to make it down the Puyallup barrens in a couple of hours for a job and there is a credstick waiting for us when we arrive.

So Doc picks us up and we head down to the Daisy Chain for a meet-up with an up and comer in the Ancients that goes by the name Belial. We are also to meet up with CJ who is going to help us out with the mission since Tantor was unavailable. Evidently the Daisy Chain is a nightclub for Celt Goth gangers and caters to elves and elf wannabes. At least, I get some eye candy while we wait for the meetup and 1000 nuyen just to head down.

Turns out there is a bit of schism in the Ancients. The old guard is led by Sting while Belial wants to be the new leader. He has challenge Sting and they are going to do a competition between Sting’s proxy and Belial’s. So as his proxy, we need to do a scavenger hunt, where you hunt for death and destruction. He lays out that we have 1 hour to hit 5 specific targets and cause mayhem. The more mayhem we cause, the more points Belial will have.

First stop is a piece of drek by the name Jimmy the Chin. He has been snatching girls off the street and putting them to work turning tricks. We make that a priority so that we can at least get the girls away from him. CJ gets there first and is able to setup. We roll in and blitz them hardcore. The Chin and some other thug are standing watch over a dozen girls all messed up on Bliss. We hit the boys hard and lay them out. Man, I wish I could have ended that guy, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. We got the girls out and sent them on their way back to the Daisy Chain.

Second stop was to burn the Humanis Policlub to the ground. CJ and I get in and sneak into their supply closet which luckily enough had their generator and a barrel of diesel. Our lucky day. I kick over the barrel and CJ lights it up and we video record that place going up like a torch. I think I should feel bad about the folks that died in that fire, but somehow I am having trouble feeling for them with some of the drek they have pulled.

I check our time and we have 17 minutes before we have to meet up with the truck we have to hijack, so we head to the Ork underground so that we can buy badges off the Scratcha there. I know we were supposed to harass them into leaving the territory, but I knew we were cutting it close on time.

We get out of their with the badges and arrive exactly on time to find that Sting’s squad is there at the same time trying to maneuver into position on the truck. They lined up behind as we tried to just steal the whole truck. Sprite and Hex Girl send some spirits to put scare them, but it is only partially successful. CJ goes brave and shoots the window up while Sprite tries to stop the truck. Unfortunately he isn’t strong enough to do more than have the brake lights flash which does keep some more of the guys off the truck. CJ then jumps in and is able to just drive the truck home!

We ended up winning the competition so it seems that there is a change in leadership for the Ancients. I kinda wonder what mess we just stirred up…

Mycroft out.


Zephyr00 ajdykstr

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