The Wrong Side of Heaven

2075-05-12 Hard Targets

Well that went sideways...

Not much to report here other than I am spending some quality time with my medkit convalescing. It seemed like we had a solid plan, but then the dogs screwed it up. We headed towards the cabin for the Initiates of the New Dawn. We stayed a ways out while a couple of us went in on foot to find out what type of resistance we could expect. While creeping in we started encountering some hive-mind dogs. At that point, it all sort of becomes a blur of combat that felt like it was going right until I got shot to hell and at that point, I don’t remember a damn thing.

Doc tells me that I was pretty close to biting it, but they were able to stabilize me. They cleaned up the scene and were able to get me conscious again. I was able to inspect the codex and artifact and get some pretty good pictures of it. Also lucky me, the headset used by the main mage was still partially operational. I was able to pull a translation off the device while the crew was dumping the mage in Doc’s trunk. I contacted Moreau with the paydata he wanted and he threw in a nice bonus for including the translation.

I put in the call to Laurent and setup the drop off of the artifact and the codex which goes smoothly. And we put in the call to Simon Andrews to hand over the lead mage. He says that he can’t right then but that we could at 2300 in Volunteer Park. So we kill a little time and let the mage stew in the trunk. We make the handover, which goes well but when we are heading back to the car, Tantor gets shot and it drops him. Some Chinese Elf comes rolling out of the darkness and tells us that his master is displeased with us.

I did a bit of research while hooked to the machine and found that his name is Lin Yao Chang and that he works for the dragon, Lung. Drek.

Mycroft out.


Zephyr00 ajdykstr

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