The Wrong Side of Heaven

2075-05-11 Hard Target

You did what with whom?

Man, I don’t know where to begin. God, I hope my mom doesn’t read this. Drek, this is just plain messed up.

So everything started normal. Doc gets a call, we get some real food at the Space Needle, we get offered some nuyen to go snag an artifact called the horn along with a codex on how to use it. The big catch is that the person who likely can get us the paydata we need is a friend of the Johnson and is not returning his phone calls. We accept the job. I mean 8000 nuyen per person is nothing to sneeze at. I tried for more, but it seems that Mr. Nazaire is immune to my charms.

On the way down, Moreau catches us in the elevator and offers to sweeten the pot if we can get him some scans of the artifact and the codex. Not being one to miss out on working my way to a new deck.

So first off, we have to hunt down a miss Elizabeth who frequents Capitol Hill. Seems she used to be in with the Illuminates of the New Dawn but there was some sort of falling out and somewhere in there, she was transformed, but Laurent is being coy. My matrix searching turns up decent data on the Illuminates and that we are looking for Outside Order 13, but I turn up nothing on Elizabeth. My crew’s contacts also turn up a blank so it was time to hit the streets.

Doc and Hex find out from a bookseller that there have been some odd drek down by the hospital but that is about it. Given that was our only lead we head over to start interrogating folks on what they have seen. I don’t seem to score any info but Doc and Sprite are able to turn up that folks that want to die have been finding a peaceful way to pass on from the Lady of Mercy. We get the brilliant idea to disguise Doc, while the rest of us go over overwatch.

Sure enough a few hours later, a shadowy woman approaches Doc and offers to help her end it all. Doc in her quick thinking blurts out Laurent’s name and says that we are working for him. She about leaves in a fit, but agrees to hear out the story, but not with the full crew. I hang back in Doc’s amazing Americar playing solitaire while Doc, Hex, and Sprite head to church with Elizabeth. There is some negotiation that happens, but there is some sort of impasse over trust. I honestly don’t know where trust comes down to Elizabeth needing to reconnect with positive human feelings, but I get roped in because of the fact that she is a freaking Nosferatu.

Oh god do I regret this. I mean, I think it was the right thing to do. She wouldn’t tell us what we wanted without paying with some skin. The mages all chickened out and knowing that we needed her to spill it on where to go, I offered to show her some compassion. Oh god it felt good, but now I am feeling a little more empty inside. So I spent time with her. Drek. I hope that it was worth it.

Either way, we get two more offers for work pretty soon after. One drekhead wanted us to destroy the artifact and codex but that would have put us at odds with our original Johnson, so no dice. The second call was by some lizardman who wants us to kidnap one of the mages in the Illuminates of the New Dawn. The pay was good so we are adding that one on to our to do list.

Time to go grab a mage, an artifact, and a book.

Mycroft out.


Zephyr00 ajdykstr

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