The Wrong Side of Heaven

2075-05-04 Hiding in the Dark

Pawn Games

Friday May 4, 2075

‘Imaginary’ Annie Goldsmith gives AJ a call and let’s us know that she has someone who is looking for some runners to do some work. All we have to do is head down to Reno’s in an hour to meet with the Johnson. She says we will know who it is. When we get there is it is tall, dark and brooding himself. He connects with DA Oaks to talk biz. She is looking for some assets that can dig into an all around bad guy. There has been some drug running, prostitution, guns, killings, etc and they want him brought to justice. Preferably alive. DA Oaks is doing me right, so I am down for helping out. Doesn’t hurt that she is willing to pay 35,000Y for the job.

After the meet, Tosh hands a list of locations that have been known to do business with this Junior guy. Otherwise there isn’t much because Tosh doesn’t have anything else. They said they have been setting up watches at his usual haunts but they don’t even know what he looks like. Their best guess is that he is an ork, but who knows.

Leaving Reno’s we get slammed into by some drunk guy. Turns out the guy isn’t drunk and is famous as he is on the top trideo news show out of Seattle named Joe Martin. He tells us that he wants to know more about whatever we are doing with KE. Willing to pay. Willing to give anonymity. AJ lets him know that we will reach out if we have something we are willing to share. At the same time, we get pinged by an Athena Tatopoulos who says that we shouldn’t make a deal with Joe Martin, but to give the data to her. She will pay use 1000Y for any good data.

We do some research on the locations as well as on Junior, Joe, and Athena. We don’t turn up much on any of the things we are looking for. The locations are business and residential locations. Joe and Athena are just normal media hounds. Junior is just a ghost, but we do know that he has been running Mafia business is Seattle and operates primarily out of downtown.

The first location on the list is down in a nasty part of downtown. The sign on the place says Mike’s Deli and there is a little old lady getting salami from a greasy looking elf. We walk in and the elf nods for us to go downstairs. That was weird. I didn’t realize how nasty I can feel walking into a place, but this is a place of pure exploitation. There are about 20 girls. As we walk through I recognize that there are using personality fixing programs to treat these girls and living sex dolls. This is some filthy bunraku parlor.

As we get to the end of the hall, a scream gets us moving quickly. I was able to open the door and there is some 12 year old girl with her back splayed getting a chip stuck into by some grubby doctor. I was able to lay down fire towards on of the bodyguards near the back of the room. Our mages are able to make short work of them while Doc makes sure that the sleazeball finishes up his operation. I patch up one of the guards and zip tie him.

AJ interrogates the doctor who turns out to be the pimp as well. He has been installing mind control cyberware on the girls to experiment. Evidently Junior invested in his business so that he could expand a little more quickly and then he pays one of Junior’s men every month. We zip tie him to the operating table and call Tosh. The pimp should be glad Doc and I didn’t splay him on one of the spare tables.

We head over to the second location on the list. Place looks like a battered apartment building and should be condemned. The matrix search showed that this has not had an owner since the crash of ’65. I do a quick check and there are several matrix devices. We head on in and we are greated by some crazy guy who says his name is Drekhead. He says that there was a bunch of junkies and some workers here until about a week ago when the gang pulled up stakes. He did sell us a badge for Detective Stephen Bingham who was killed on the front steps and was picked up by Space Ghouls. Crazy.

Next on the list of locaitons, we find a brownstone apartment building with most of the doors and windows boarded over. The front has a bunch of troll size choppers and there are two trolls sitting out front. We pussy foot around what we are going to do next. I try doing some hacking and our mages try to get a magical view, but we are running a bit cautious. I mean the gang is the Spikes and they are totally known to hate elves and we are mostly elves in this group. As we watch, we do notice that occasionally people will go in and come out and these people aren’t even trolls…

We get up a little courage and pay our way into the building to talk to a dwarf named Little Bill. With a little bit of bribing, we are able to find out that he has been dealing with Junior’s people by distributing drugs for him. Most of the time, Junior sends folks to him, but occasionally he would do the pickup himself. He has gone to the Gravity Bar and Murphy’s Law.

We head on over to Murphy’s Law since it is the closest of the two and find Detective Athack and a pile of Knight Errant. Seems the Yakuza decided to shoot up the place because of its Mafia affiliation. We check out the place with Tosh’s permission but turn up nothing. I review the surveillance footage and don’t see anything on that side either.

We find better information at the Gravity Bar. We sidle up to some thuggish folks and don’t find out much more than Junior loves the Ork Underground. Unfortunately they won’t give AJ, Doc and I any more information. Hex Girl buys a drink for the owner of a comm that I hacked. This Finagan guy had sent a message to the thugs to not bother us. AJ bribes the waitstaff and he finds out that Junior does frequent the place, but that he uses a tunnel in the basement to access the Ork Underground. Score!

Well, we are about to head into the underground. Mycroft out.


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