The Wrong Side of Heaven

2075-04-26 Friends and Family

Shadow Lake Correctional Facility is a pretty popular place.

Friday April 26, 2075

Thankfully we had a bit of downtime. It has been awfully hectic lately and I wanted some time to dig a bit more into the data file I got on my quick view into the Renraku hosts. I was able to find out some things as they relate to Hitako Yatsumari. Seems like he is some director of matrix security for Renraku America, but most of my looking didn’t tell me much about what was going on in the video and if there was some more I could dig up. Between my research and spending my free time working on my reactions, gunnery, and palming, I had very little time for any of my normal gaming with friends.

Then out of the blue on April 26th, Julie Cruze called me. Evidently she had worked with my dad at some point and really got along with him. She also had heard that Hitako bragged of keeping more information on a host in his home about how he would take down rivals and matrix miscreants. He has a reputation for being brutal with both those offenders. His place is in the penthouse of Hotel Niko in the i-district.

I called in my team to see if they were will to help out on this run. The only one who was a bit of a drekhead was Clutch, but overall everyone signed up. I owe these guys! We did some more digging and also started to case the joint.

Monday April 29, 2075

Two days of searching and we have the gig all planned out. Not the best of plans but what can you do when most of the work would be heading in. Any sort of cred is coming out of my pocket, and with the hotel running at 10,000Y a night, it was looking like we had one way in and one way out. Let’s get to this.

So the hotel has 3 entrances. The hotel security are the pawns and with their location, we are looking at about a 3-5 minute response time. Hitako is on the top floor and is a workaholic. He has no hobbies and only leaves the place for work, this means we need to hit this place during the day. Security is setup through some hotel supplied security along with KE and he doesn’t have any additional security. We figure we will go in, get a spot of breakfast and head up, hacking the cameras and door at the same time. After that, we get in and find the host and data and get out cleaning up any sort of camera evidence we may accumulate.

Getting in didn’t even get easy. Sprite and AJ got stopped at the door, but AJ was able to talk his way out of it. Sprite took a bit of payment to ease the transition, just to get some breakfast. Breakfast was good and once that was done, we headed up. I was able to quickly get in and make it so that we had the rights to be on the floor and get by the camera image recognition. I also popped the lock on his door. We were able to find the room and host right away, along with the fact that he had internal security for the room. I hacked the camera to get in the host and got basic rights. Someone really needs to have better matrix security. Maybe they should me his job.

We found the video and whole lot of other drek. So non-important stuff… we found a list of folks he has tortured and killed along with video, audio, and other nasty stuff. Is this a snuff film fan or something? The big money finds were the call where he orders a hit on my dad after he threatens Hitako that he will inform the president of Renraku America about him embezzling funds. Hitako has the killer plant evidence about an affair and then frames my mom. The second video is of the hit. God. Fragging awful. We seriously need to remove this stain from the world. They knock out my mom and plan the gun and evidence on her. Also during that video, the audio shows the killer taking a call from a guy named Stan in Las Vegas. That can’t be a coincidence. The final bit of evidence is concerning Hitako’s embezzling.

We find out that my mom is currently being held in the Shadow Lake Correctional Facility in the Redmond Barrens. No trial. No evidence. The facility is a Knight Errant facility so this isn’t even really a Renraku cover up.

Paydata in hand, I wipe the cameras in the room and we bolt. On the elevator trip down, I run into some issues trying to clear out the camera file of our being there. They detect my hack, but it wasn’t my fault. I was moving like lightning, but their firewall was stone cold to my mad skills. I set off all the alerts, and am forced to reboot and hit the place again as we are driving away. This time I have some more success.

A quick call to Julie Cruze and she is super interested in the embezzling evidence on Hitako. We do a little bartering and I come away with 60,000Y to share with my crew. She also mentions that she would love to hire my mom once we are able to get her out. It was about the time AJ and I are calling DA Oaks, that Doc gets a call from Ratchet wanting to hire us for a job. Since the meet is at 6pm at THE Sports Bar, AJ and I have time to head over to KE and meet with DA Oaks concerning evidence that should clear my mother. The meeting goes well and it looks like things will get resolved if the evidence clears. Here is to hope…

When we go to meet up with Ratchet, he is with the king of purple. He sends us all a message over the matrix telling us that he is Static and wants to hire us to go save his Technomancer girlfriend. Technomancers are so weird. How can we say no to saving someone especially if she was held by Aztechnology. I have heard awful things about them. I mean, I am sure they are all terrible, but at least Horizon makes it look like they are trying to help people.

His girlfriend’s name is Ion Angel and has been missing for the last 5 years. He was able to track her down with some help from his group, No Boundaries Now, and she has spent years being an experiment for Aztechnology. Evidently, they were done with her because now she was being held at Shadow Lake Correctional Facility in the Redmond Barrens. What the drek is going on? What’s worse is she is scheduled to be lobotomized tomorrow. Less than 48 hours to pull this off.

I work with their data sprite to forge a transfer order form KE to an Ares research facility. I then use that to hack into their host and plant the new orders and while I am at it, I get rid of the lobotomy order. I am wiz! While in there I learn that they have her under the name of Ina Sorensen.

Tuesday May 1, 2075

We are able to get in with AJ and Clutch taking the lead. They use the forged materials and bring along Doc to sedate the prisoner if necessary. The girl is still out. When I saw her in the truck, holy drek was she scarred up. We make the call to Static and Doc insists that we meet do the transfer at her clinic.

Turns out that Ion Angel is Doc’s sister. Well not knowing what they did to her, I decide to take some precaution and jam her from the matrix. She wakes up and boy is she pissed and struggling to maintain any sort of connection to reality. I mean, reality sucks, but knowing who and what you are is kinda important. Ion makes a break for it, and we react in typical fashion which means that Sprite casts a spell that sticks everyone to the floor.

Static gets there and we are able to finally get everyone to calm down. Static tells us that he will be able to get through to her, but now, I am guessing, Doc will be a bit of a mess. Who knows what else is missing or a mess with that poor girl. Either way, we saved the day and got a little pay.

Mycroft out.


Zephyr00 ajdykstr

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